Big leak in space! Will it fall to Earth?

Another leak has been reported in a Russian spacecraft docked with the International Space Station. Saturday morningRussia Roscosmos space agency, with its announcement on GREATannounced that a Progress cargo ship docked at . later said the pressure drop was due to a coolant leak.

, “The cause of coolant loss in the Progress 82 spacecraft is being investigated,” he said. “Progress 82 The hatches between and the station are open, and temperatures and pressures in the station are normal. The crew notified of the cooling loop leak are not in danger and continue normal space station operations.”

Space.comas reported by Progress 82Arrived at the ISS on October 28. Prior to Saturday’s announcement, the spacecraft was scheduled to leave the station on February 17. It is currently unclear whether Roscosmos will implement this timeline as originally planned.

Russiaof Progress spacecraft, It is designed to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere after completing its resupply missions, meaning it is not possible for Roscosmos to investigate this leak after it returns to Earth. The timing of the discovery came on the day a second Progress spacecraft docked with the ISS and less than two months after another Russian spacecraft experienced a leak at the space station.

Russia’s Soyuz MS-22 The spacecraft began leaking coolant in December as cosmonauts Dmitri Petelin and Sergey Prokopyev were preparing for a nearly seven-hour spacewalk. Roscosmos later attributed the event to a meteor strike.

RoscosmosGREATHe also decided that the spacecraft was not suitable for transporting people unless there was an emergency. Agency, Petelin knows Prokopyevbesides astronaut Frank RubioAnother Soyuz ship will launch later this month to bring the .

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