Bilecik Archeology Workshop completed – Last Minute

Bilecik archaeology Workshop completed

Mayor V. Melek Mızrak Subasi;

“Bilecik, Bahcelievler said ‘Hello’ to its oldest settlers with the excavation work of the settlement.

Archaeologist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ozdogan;

“Despite the difficulties, we tried to unearth the common wealth”

BİLECİK – Bilecik Municipality, Sheikh Edebali Bilecik Archeology Workshop, organized in cooperation with the University, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was completed with important results in terms of the city and its history.

Last year; With the contributions of Bilecik Municipality, the excavation work started with the slogan ‘Hello to our 9000-year-old neighbors’ and made many discoveries dating back 9 thousand years; yesterday, today and tomorrow were discussed in detail. ‘West anatolia Ideas that will enrich Bilecik’s historical and cultural values ​​were put forward in the workshop where subjects such as Prehistoric Archaeoparks in Thrace and Thrace’, ‘Bahçelievler Excavation Results and Evaluations’ and Bahçelievler excavation results and evaluations (Stone and Bone) were discussed.

The establishment of an Archeopark in Bilecik will bring richness to the city in every aspect

Speakers, who took the floor at the workshop, where visual presentations were made about the archaeological excavations carried out in our country and in various parts of the world, explained the reasons and reasons for the idea of ​​establishing an archeopark in Bilecik. In the workshop, in which more than 10 subjects were discussed, the topics of how the Bahçelievler settlement would be beneficial to historical heritage and tourism were also voiced by the experts who took the floor at the workshop.

“We are very happy to be involved in such a meaningful study”

Speaking at the program, Mayor V. Melek Mızrak Subaşı mentioned the importance of the excavations in Bilecik and said:

“Our city, Bilecik, which has hosted many civilizations in different histories, said ‘Hello’ to its oldest settlers with the Bahçelievler settlement excavation work, which was started last year and which we supported as Bilecik Municipality. The findings obtained at this meeting determined that our former neighbors were the oldest settlers in Western Anatolia. Our city, which is bursting with history from every corner, proved that it also has the oldest and most original culture of the region. We, as Bilecik Municipality, have sincerely and fondly made our best contributions to reveal such riches. I would like to thank all the stakeholder institutions with their contributions in this excavation, which we consider very important, as well as Associate Professor Erkan Fidan and his volunteer team. As the Municipality, we will continue to support the contributions that this work will make for our city.”

Academicians thanked President V. Subaşı for his contributions

Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Erkan Fidan gave information about the works carried out in the excavation area and the works planned to be done in the future. Expressing the importance of the excavation work carried out for Bilecik’s past history, Fidan thanked all the stakeholders who contributed to the work. Noting that Bilecik Municipality also contributed to the excavations in many ways, Assoc. Dr. Fidan thanked President V. Melek Mızrak Subaşı for his contributions.

“It’s nice to see a mayor who supports the excavations”

In addition to the Anatolian Neolithic culture, doyen Archaeologist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Özdoğan, on the other hand, said, “It is very nice to see a mayor who supports the excavations,” adding, “It is really an honor for me to be in Bilecik for such a meaningful workshop. I am very happy to see it. When I started my professional life, that is 64 years ago, I can say this. Municipalities hated us. Archaeologists thought that the future would prevent us. This situation continued for many years. Despite such difficulties, we tried to bring to light the common riches. How In this work in Bilecik, I saw how the world changed and how awareness was created. Because, according to what has been said, Bilecik Municipality makes the necessary contributions and aids to such a meaningful work. It does its part at every stage of the excavation work. In this respect, I would like to thank the Mayor and his administration very much,” he said.

Son Dika art and culture Bilecik Archeology Workshop completed – Last Minute

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