Briefly from Edirne – Last Minute

By the Trakya Universities Association (TÜB), Tekirdag Namik Kemal University hosted by the conference “Journal editorial processes, national and international index application processes, index training on the basis of disciplinary fields” was held.

According to the written statement made by Trakya University, the event, which was organized online, was attended by TÜB Term President Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University. rector Assistant Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Çakıcı and TÜB General Secretary Dr. Instructor Member of Mustafa Aras and many academicians from TÜB member universities.

The conference was moderated by Yarkın Çelik, a lecturer from Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Marmaraeğrelisi Vocational School of Media and Communications, as a speaker. Dr. Pilgrim Veli Aydin joined.

Aydın gave detailed information about the editorial processes of academic journals, application processes to national and international directories, article evaluation, revision and publication processes, and the use of citation and bibliography programs.

Training of trainers program was organized at TÜ

Trakya University (TU) Literature The “Training of Trainers” program was organized by the Dean of the Faculty of Education within the scope of quality and accreditation studies.

According to the written statement made by TÜ, the program is a faculty member of TÜ Education Faculty and Psychological Counseling and Guidance Practice and Research Center Director Assoc. Dr. Seda Donat Bacıoğlu attended as a speaker.

Dean of the Faculty of Letters Prof. Dr. Yüksel Topaloğlu thanked Bacıoğlu for his contributions by expressing that they organized a seminar to ensure effective implementation of in-house oral and written communication practices and to improve interpersonal communication skills.

Bacıoğlu also gave information on subjects such as interpersonal communication skills, communication and problem solving methods, and drew attention to the issues affecting interpersonal communication.

After the question and answer session, the program ended with Topaloğlu presenting a plaque to Bacıoğlu.

Son Dika Current Briefly from Edirne – Last Minute

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