Briefly from Edirne – Last Minute

CHP Edirne Elected to Provincial President Samet Kahraman met with journalists at the press conference.

Kahraman stated that they came together to meet and evaluate the agenda.

Stating that his priorities in politics are always the homeland and the flag, Kahraman said that he lives by carrying this in his heart and showing it.

Reminding that former president Fevzi Pekcanlı quit his duty to become a parliamentary candidate, Kahraman said, “I wish him success. We made an election as the provincial administrative board. At the end of the election, friends used their favor with us. There was no loser in this election. We will work together from now on.” said.

CHP Edirne Deputy Okan Gaytancioglu on the other hand, said that they are one and whole today, and that they are actually making a show of strength together with all the chosen ones.

Gaytancioglu, the government economy criticized its policies.

“Do not interfere with our party’s work”

Mayor of Edirne Recep Gurkan He wished Kahraman every success in his new assignment.

Stating that some people in Edirne are trying to change the agenda with false information through social media, Gürkan said, “Don’t interfere with our party’s business with your scarce information. I’m telling you to your face.” said.

Gürkan stated that he has been doing politics in Edirne for years and that he did not do anything in secret.

-Edirne Green Crescent Branch ordinary general assembly was held

Turkey In the ordinary general assembly held in the Edirne Branch of the Green Crescent Society, the current president Müzekka Bayrak was re-elected.

Turkey Green Crescent Society Regional Coordinator Sebahattin Bilgiç, Edirne Green Crescent attended the general assembly held in the Edirne Green Crescent Branch meeting hall. Youth and Sports Club President Ahmet Yence, Edirne Green Crescent Branch members.

After the general assembly agenda, elections were held. Bayrak, who was re-elected president in the election, stated that they aim to raise their hopes for life by staying away from addictions in Edirne and to have at least one Green Crescent volunteer in every family.

management led by the flag Fatih erel, Zeynep Kaya Demirtaş consisted of Ümran Güzey and Cemal Seçkin.

-The project ended with the final conference

European Union “Empowering Youth with Intellectual Disabilities through”, which is carried out with 9 partners from 7 countries supported within the scope of Erasmus+ Sports program, and which is carried out with the aim of increasing the participation of children and youth with special needs in sports and equal opportunities, and strengthening their self-confidence, in which Edirne-based Trakya Nature Sports Specialization Club Association (TRAKDOSK) is a partner. The latest event of the “Sport (SociPORT)” Project Sofiawas made in .

According to the association’s statement, “Special Olympics Bulgaria“Sports and social inclusion” international final conference and project closing trainings, hosted and coordinated by the TRAKDOSK team, participated actively with presentations and exchanges.

Leisure activities and sports for children in kindergarten and schools at the conference; safe development environment for sports leaders; digital technologies for inclusion in sport; Volunteering and challenges in sports, results and discussion section were held.

TRAKDOSK Chairman of the Board Sebahattin, whose views are included in the statement AkdagHe stated that the project, which lasted 3 years, has come to an end.

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