Briefly from Edirne – Last Minute

SulogluThe projects planned within the scope of the Social Development Support Program were discussed in

Thrace Development Agency in Suloglu District Governorate Edirne A meeting was held on the Social Development Support Program projects carried out in cooperation with the Investment Support Office.

district governor Ozgur Kaya The executives of Trakya Development Agency Edirne Investment Support Office attended the meeting held under the chairmanship of the President.

In the meeting, income generating activities and projects for young people were discussed.

As part of the “2023 Loyalty Project”, the needs of elderly citizens are met

Within the scope of the “2023 Loyalty Project” carried out by the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation affiliated to the Süloğlu District Governorate, the needs of the elderly citizens are met free of charge.

The personnel involved in the project go to the homes of the elderly citizens residing in the district center and villages and meet their various needs such as cleaning, whitewashing and food.

Meals are distributed to the needy by the Süloğlu Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation.

The Süloğlu District Governorship Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation distributes meals to the elderly, disabled and unable to cook alone throughout the district, 6 days a week.

The needs of the citizens are met with the distribution of 3 types of hot meals daily.

Selimiye Traffic training given to Imam Hatip Secondary School students

Selimiye Imam Hatip Secondary School students were trained by the Traffic Registration and Inspection Branch Directorate teams.

Child In the training held at the Traffic Education Park, the students were informed about the importance of seat belts, how distracting mobile phones are in traffic, and safe passage ways.

Hacettepe 1945 Edirnesporhe defeated

Competing in the TFF 3rd League, Edirnespor lost 2-0 to Hacettepe 1945.

The first half of the match held at Edirne 25 Kasım Stadium was completed with the superiority of Hacettepe 1945.

Edirnespor lost 2-0 to Hacettepe 1945 in the match.

Hacettepe 1945 scored goals in 45+1 and 68th minutes Alperen Dogan recorded.

Son Dika Current Briefly from Edirne – Last Minute

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