Briefly from Kırklareli – Last Minute

KirklareliStream improvement and pond construction works continue in .

Bilal Kuşoğlu, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, in his written statement, Luleburgaz He stated that the works for the improvement of the stream in the Ahmetbey district of the district of Ahmetbey and the construction of an animal drinking water pond in the village of Dokuzhöyük in the city center are continuing.

Noting that they aim to complete the works as soon as possible, Kuşoğlu wished both works to be beneficial to the citizens.

Stating that the animal drinking water pond in Dokuzhöyük village will make a great contribution to the region’s livestock, Kuşoğlu said, “The construction of an animal drinking water pond in Dokuzhöyük village continues. With its completion as soon as possible, it will contribute to our village and the region’s livestock, as well as serve the natural life.” used the phrases.

Greenhouse will be established

A greenhouse will be established by Pınarhisar Municipality.

Mayor Ihsan Talayin his written statement, stated that a greenhouse will be established for vegetable production in the district with the support of the Thrace Development Agency.

Talay stated that they will build greenhouses on 500 square meters in 15 regions and noted that they aim to offer cheap, healthy and high quality food products to Pınarhisar and its surroundings.

Stating that they want to employ women in greenhouses, Talay said:

“We continue to work for our Pınarhisar and bring new works to our district. We have started our work to add a new vision to greenhouse activities in our district. In our project, we have started to work to provide agricultural employment, to grow cheap, healthy and high quality food products for our district and our environment, and at the same time to provide education and practice to our people in the field of greenhouse cultivation. We aim to follow the guidance.”

French course will open

A French course will be opened in Kırklareli.

In the statement made by the Public Education Center, it was stated that a free French course will be opened.

In the statement, which is stated that the course registrations continue, 19 December It was noted that the course, which will start on 2022, will end on January 27, 2023.

It is stated that the course will be held every weekday between 18:00-21.10 hours.

road construction work

Kavakli Road construction works continue in the town.

Mayor of Kavakli Gurel Kosdemirexamined the ongoing works in the Çarşı District and received information from the authorities.

Koşdemir, in a statement to journalists, noted that they are nearing the end of the road construction works.

Expressing that a total of 7,300 square meters of paving stone will be laid, Koşdemir said that 1,600 meters of rain gutters and a thousand meters of concrete curbs will be built.

Noting that they are working to provide more services to the people of the town, Koşdemir stated that they aim to complete the works as soon as possible.

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