BUDAPEST – Minister Varank offered Hungary a Turkish-made rocket launcher system

Minister of Industry and Mustafa Varank, HungaryRegarding the US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system, which is on the agenda of “We offer alternative products to HIMARS.” TurkeyWe produce in Turkey, and if there is a need for them, we are ready to provide the necessary support for these products.”

Varank, who was in Hungary as part of his official visit, Ministry of Commerce He attended the 8th Term Joint Economic Commission (KEK) Meeting of Turkey-Hungary held in the building.

Holding a joint press conference with Hungarian Foreign and Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto after the meeting, Varank said that with mutual high-level visits, established consultation mechanisms and investments, the relations between the two countries have gained tremendous momentum in every field.

Stating that the medal of merit conferred on him is an indicator of the situation between the two countries, Varank said, “While accepting this order on behalf of my country, I would like to express that I am honored to have contributed to our relations. Especially in 2023, the centennial of my country’s struggle for independence, this is much more important. I believe that this medal of merit will set an example for the responsibility that our colleagues who will serve in our place in the coming years will bear.” said.

Pointing out that Hungary is one of Turkey’s most important allies in Europe, and that this relationship is not limited to economic and trade, Varank said, “In particular, NATO, European Union (AB), Council of Europe We have close political cooperation and coordination within the framework of international and regional organizations, including the Organization of Turkish States,” he said.

Cooperation in the defense industry will continue

Stating that the defense industry is an area where cooperation between the two countries has increased recently, and that Turkey has started to supply some of the armored vehicles that Hungary bought from abroad, Varank said, “We saw that Hungary is satisfied with this and Turkish companies are satisfied with this relationship. “We will continue this process in the coming period. We want to be one of the most important partners of Hungary in terms of the defense industry. As you know, Turkey is a very serious player in unmanned aerial vehicles. It is one of the most important players in the world at the moment. We also use this capability as a friend and ally.” We are ready to share with Hungary. We are negotiating necessary cooperation in these areas as well.” said.

2024 will be celebrated as Turkey-Hungary Cultural Year

Pointing out that Hungary has continued to give the strongest support to Turkey’s EU membership process since the beginning, Varank said that 2024 will be celebrated as the Turkey-Hungary Culture Year on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the friendship agreement between the two countries, and 2025 will be the Year. said it was planned.

Stating that both Turkey and Hungary have demonstrated a strong will to further and deepen bilateral relations, Varank said:

“Today, we signed a memorandum of understanding between our Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) and the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA). Then we signed the Memorandum of Understanding of the Joint Economic Commission, on which our technical committees have been working for a long time. It took place in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, as it has always been. Both countries have resolutely demonstrated their will to diversify and develop our economic and commercial relations. From mutual investments and contracting services to cooperation in third countries, from and to green transformation, from energy to agriculture, from health to tourism. We will further strengthen our cooperation.”

Stating that they resolved the problems encountered in bilateral relations through dialogue and with the support of Minister Szijjarto, Varank said that in the meeting he held with Turkish business people, he conveyed the problems that were conveyed to him to Szijjarto and that necessary steps would be taken to resolve them.

“Turkey is taking firm steps towards becoming a hub in energy”

Stating that they held the Joint Economic Commission Meeting in the shadow of the global energy crisis, Varank emphasized that countries should make more efforts to reduce foreign dependency in energy and to transform their competencies in this field into joint projects and investments.

Stating that as Turkey, they have taken steps to increase the capacity in both solar and wind energy, Varank said, “Turkey is taking firm steps towards becoming a hub in energy. You know. AzerbaijanWe are doubling the capacity of the line coming from . Again, preparations for a new energy terminal in Thrace in Turkey are about to end. From here, natural gas will start coming to our country. recently Black SeaWe made a big discovery in natural gas. Hydrocarbons The fact that Turkey is a hub will of course make significant contributions to us, but we will of course continue to share this capability and power with friendly and allied countries. We will continue to provide our best support regarding how we can meet the needs of Hungary by maintaining our relations with Hungary tightly,” he said.

TurkStream plays an important role in Hungary’s natural gas supply

Hungarian Foreign and Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto said that Europe was in a serious crisis due to the war and that the energy of his country was guaranteed due to the cooperation between Turkey and Hungary.

Pointing out that the TurkStream Natural Gas Pipeline plays an important role in the natural gas supply of his country, Szijjarto said, “The TurkStream Natural Gas Pipeline is the only reliable pipeline in Europe between East and West that operates at 100 percent capacity and ensures the energy of our country. 4.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which is about half of its total consumption, reached Hungary in this way. said.

Stating that his country has taken some steps to diversify its energy supply, Szijjarto said that in this context, the most realistic option is to deliver liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Hungary, which will be brought to Turkish ports in addition to Azerbaijani gas.

Noting that the bilateral trade between the two countries broke a record last year, and that 100 Turkish companies employ approximately 2,200 people in Hungary, Szijjarto also said that Russia- Ukraine He stated that Turkey took the only hopeful step towards the peace talks between the two countries with the grain corridor.

Minister Varank first answered the Hungarian journalist’s question about whether to purchase the US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems, which is on the country’s agenda.

“I don’t know if Hungary will take a step (on HIMARS) or not, but I can say this: We produce alternative products in Turkey. If there is a need for these, we are ready to provide the necessary support for these products.” made its assessment.

To this question, Szijjarto replied, “We are renewing the weapons of the Hungarian army. The first thing that comes to mind when we buy weapons is the allies. NATO countries, such as Turkey and other NATO allies. We also have an agreement with Turkey. There are open proposals on the table. Of course, we do all this first, then the Ministry of Defense, and then the Ministry of Defense.” The government is considering.” gave the answer.

Before the press conference, Varank and Szijjarto signed the Turkey-Hungary Joint Economic Commission Meeting Protocol and the action plan agreement between KOSGEB and HEPA.

Minister Varank was presented with the Hungarian Order of Merit for his contribution to the relations between the two countries.

Çetin, Deputy Minister of Industry and , attended the meeting. Ali DonmezTurkey’s Budapest ambassador Gulsen Karanis Ekşioğlu from Hungary Ankara President of KOSGEB with Ambassador Viktor Matis Hasan Basri Kurt also participated.

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