Bulgaria’s search and rescue teams entered Turkey from Kapikule

Bulgaria‘s search and rescue teams from Kapikule Turkeylogged into

Edirne – Bulgaria Fire Department and Civil Defense units, a rescue team of 59 people was sent to the earthquake area with 19 vehicles. EdirneHe entered Turkey through the Kapıkule Border Gate in Turkey.

Trakya Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Director Nihat Kınık and his accompanying delegation welcomed the search and rescue team of 59 people, who entered Kapikule with 19 vehicles equipped for rescue work.

The earthquake occurred Kahramanmaras and other provinces by road, the team continues its journey to take part in earthquake zones.

Making statements on behalf of the search and rescue team, the head of the team, Kaloyan Donchev, stated that they brought special technological devices with them in order to find the citizens under the rubble, and made the following statements: “We are really sorry for this situation. We are neighbors with you, every bad thing that affects you deeply affects us. As Turkey, you have a lot of preparations and you are doing everything necessary. But we as neighbors could not turn a blind eye. We wanted to join this aid. We are a total of 59 people who served as rescuers in earthquakes. At the same time, we came with our vehicles. We used our special to find the people who were under the rubble with us. We also bring.

Son Dika Current Bulgaria’s search and rescue teams entered Turkey from Kapıkule – Last Minute

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