C. Hoskinson criticizes Coinbase! Why is that?

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson took a swipe at cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase for not mentioning the platform in his 2023 market outlook report. Specifically, Coinbase’s report reviewed the themes that are likely to dominate the crypto market in 2023, after a long winter in 2022.

C. Hoskinson criticizes Coinbase! Why is that?

Along this line, in a tweet on Dec. 21, the (ETH) co-founder criticized Coinbase for not including Cardano, calling the omission ‘quite regrettable’.

Not a word from Cardano. Pretty low and pretty sad. To be honest, I expected better.”

Hoskinson’s frustration with Cardano’s removal from the report coincides with his previous feelings that he claimed the platform wasn’t getting enough credit amid ongoing network improvements.

Hoskinson against Cardano attacks

For example, the founder of Cardano had previously warned that the network would be hacked after switched to proof-of-stake (PoS) following its Merge upgrade. According to Hoskinson:

“Now begins an era where everyone assumes that Proof of Stake works like ’s Proof of Stake. Maxis will attack Cardano for hacking and tagging all problems.”

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Coinbase 2023 outlook

Elsewhere in the report, Coinbase predicts that as we enter 2023, institutional investors will continue to increase their position in the crypto space, as well as creative destruction that will start a new cycle for the digital asset markets.

“However, it’s not all bad news. “This environment has helped cryptocurrencies withdraw from their speculative enthusiasm and paved the way for new innovations in the asset class,” Coinbase said. said.

At the same time, the exchange stated that the crypto regulatory environment will become clear in 2023 as institutions demand better governance.

Hoskinson’s XRP decision

Meanwhile, Hoskinson from the crypto community, especially XRP fans, accused him of siding with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in the case.

In this line, as reported by Finbold, Hoskinson has decided not to comment on any XRP and -related issues, what he calls vicious attacks from the community.

Although Cardano was not included in the report, the platform is going through significant developments on different fronts as the platform aims to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Cardano, for example, has seen growth in the number of staking addresses and smart contracts.

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