Call of Duty attracts Microsoft so much! [Tek şart]

will not buy Activision-Blizzard unless the Call of Duty series is part of the deal. For the big technology giant, while productions such as game studios, Wolrd of Wracraft etc. are not important, it is a bit absurd that the only condition is COD.

Activision Blizzard’s hugely successful Call of Duty franchise is Microsoft’s dream come true.

Give Microsoft Call of Duty and the rest is yours

After a behind-the-scenes meeting with the European Union courts on Tuesday Microsoft President Brad Smithwas asked if losing the Call of Duty franchise would jeopardize the deal. In his answer to this question, Smith said, “We do not consider it possible or realistic to think that a game or a slice can be omitted from other productions.” said.

Call of Duty attracts Microsoft so much [Tek şart]

Stating that they want the works on the subject to be fast, Smith thinks that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) should make a decision as soon as possible. head of Microsoft

Want to break a deal and consolidate ’s 80 percent share in the EU or 70 percent globally in a market where it has been a super-dominant company for 20 years?

Or do you want to let the future move forward with behavioral scarecrows and remedies and bring this title to 150 million more people? I think this is a choice that most courts around the world should address.

Smith’s figures also reveal the fact that Microsoft’s ’s PlayStation console has a much larger market share than its own .

Opponents of the Microsoft / Activision Blizzard merger, including Microsoft’s He’s worried he might be able to make exclusive games like Call of Duty and effectively stifle competition. A poll conducted by the CMA has revealed if the series is exclusive to . PlayStation It also revealed that 24 percent of CoD players will switch consoles.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is never idle about the game. Just this week, the company is releasing games. Nintendo to bring them to their platform He signed a 10-year deal with Nintendo. In the meantime, with a separate agreement with , GeForce Now players will now be able to play PC games.

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