of Edirne Uzunkopru Karma, which is planned to be built on the pasture of Kavacık village in the district of Organized industrial Zone (OSB) in the lawsuit filed by the village people for the cancellation of the environmental plans. Council of state The 6th Department, finding the village people right, canceled the plans. Villagers’ lawyer Bulent Kakar“In four separate expert committee reports, three separate stay of execution decisions and three separate cancellation decisions, it is definitively decided that the treasury lands intended to be established in the OIZ cannot be used outside of the agricultural function,” he said.

Citizens in Kavacık village of Uzunköprü objected to the plan change made by the Ministry of , Industry and Technology for the processing of the pasture areas to be built as OIZ in the environmental plan. The 6th Chamber of the Council of State found the villagers justified in the last lawsuit filed against the region, where the stay of execution decision was taken in two separate lawsuits filed by the villagers before. In the decision of the Council of State, the plan change made on the grounds that ‘agricultural and forest areas are not opened to other uses’ was cancelled.


The villagers’ lawyer Bülent Kaçar said that the Uzunköprü OIZ area, which is intended to be built, is an area declared within the scope of the first priority agriculturally protected area in the Ergene basin of the Thrace region. Kaçar, “1/100,000 Scale Thrace Sub-Region Ergene Basin In the Revision Environmental Plan report, agricultural sub-regions; Soil Conservation No. 5403 can only be used for agricultural areas, pastures, greenhouses for mushroom growing, forest products, vegetable and flower cultivation, warehouse or cold storage, mandra, etc. and agricultural structures defined in Article 3 of the Land Use Law. Council of State decision canceling unlawful plans Edirne GovernorateIt has been officially communicated to the ministries and the Uzunköprü Mixed OIZ management separately. In four separate expert committee reports, three separate stay of execution decisions and three separate cancellation decisions, it has been definitively decided that the treasury lands intended to be established in the OIZ cannot be used outside of the agricultural function. It has been proven time and again that the changes in the plans and all the actions of the ministries are unlawful.

Reminding that annulment decision was made in three separate cases regarding the OIZ, Kaçar said, “With the cancellation decisions given in three separate cases, it has been proven that the Uzunköprü Mixed OIZ project is contrary to the public interest. It has also been determined in detail that public damages will occur in terms of nature. The agricultural quality of the only big treasury lands in Uzunköprü Kavacık village, parcel no. 115, parcel 238 and parcel 118 island 175, are the lands that should be protected with first priority, “he said.


Stating that according to Article 138 of the Constitution, the legislative and executive organs and the government have to comply with court decisions, Kaçar said, “The Uzunköprü Mixed OIZ project, which has been proven in four separate cases to be unlawful and a completely wrong project, and that public institutions and organizations comply with the law and . We want him to turn to services and projects. In accordance with the obligation to implement the court decisions, we demand that two separate treasury lands, which are the right of all citizens and which were sold to the Mixed OIZ management in installments, to be built at low prices, to be returned to Kavacık village, from the respondent ministry and Edirne Governor’s Office,” he said.


Speaking on behalf of the village people, Fatma Altınbaş stated that the project should be canceled in accordance with the cancellation decision of the Council of State. Altinbas, “Judgment It is the chief duty of state institutions to implement their decisions without delay. Our two separate treasury lands, which are our ancient village pasture land and bought very cheaply from the treasury by the Uzunköprü Mixed OIZ administration, should be returned to Kavacık village immediately. As Kavacık villagers, we will continue to protect agricultural lands, food, to live in the village in substance, not in words, and to defend our nature until the end,” he said.

village resident Ahmet Gunay He also stated that they have come to the end of their 4-year legal struggle. Günay said, “We are extremely happy with this annulment decision taken by the Council of State. We had objections from the very beginning. It is a project that reaches up to the grassland, cemetery and eaves of our houses. At the same time, we have a registered hill called a tumulus. It also covered our objections in the same way. “This place has been registered as agricultural land. Although it was registered by a court decision that nothing other than agriculture can be done here, the desire to do this still continues. Starting from 2020. TurkeyWe had a pandemic disease that threatened Turkey and the world. The world realized how important agriculture is here. Despite the understanding of the importance of agricultural lands, they continue to want to establish an organized industry here. We want to protect our environment and our land. We want to graze our animals again in this ancient, ancestral land. We want this land to be handed over immediately after this court decision,” he said.

On the other hand, the villagers reminded that there is a village cemetery in the area where the OIZ is desired. Citizens, Martyr in Infantry He expressed that they are concerned about the fate of the cemetery, where Sergeant Oğuz Yelken’s grave is located, if OIZ is built.

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