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The motion regarding the closure of Kapaklı Belediye Şirketi KENT A.Ş was rejected by a narrow margin. AKP’s 17, MHP’s 3 and CHP’s 11 council members are in the Kapaklı Municipal Council. Considering the current result, it was observed that there were at least 2 dismissals from the People’s Alliance list, in addition to 5 abstaining or disagreeing members. President Çetin’s ability to pass the decision only by his own vote has led to the questioning of the legitimacy of the decision. These negative developments related to KENT A.Ş strengthened the scenarios for Kapaklı to rejoin the Republican People’s Party under the possible Nation Alliance rule.

The first session of the ordinary meeting of the Kapaklı Municipality Council in February 2023 was held at the Atatürk Cultural Center under the chairmanship of Kapaklı Mayor Mustafa Çetin. The motion of the Nation Alliance councilors for the closure of KENT A.Ş., which came to the agenda with false stamp allegations at the parliamentary meeting, was rejected by the vote of the Mayor of Kapaklı, Mustafa Çetin. After President Çetin’s speech, a moment of silence was held and our National Anthem was sung. After the opening and roll call, the agenda items were discussed. Before the agenda items, CHP and IYI Party council members demanded that the proposals, which include the liquidation of Kent A. Stating that he is not in favor of closing KENT AŞ, Chairman Çetin said, “We established the company with a modest budget and capital. There were some other plans, when the pandemic entered, the accounts did not keep. Last year, we made a capital increase of 10 million TL. They renovated and rebuilt several facilities. If there is a mistake, whoever did the wrong should be punished in justice,” he said. Nation Alliance council members, on the other hand, stated that KENT A.Ş. Then, it was started to vote whether to include this agenda item on the agenda or not. Meanwhile, Chairman Çetin asked the officials to see if the council members were outside. CHP parliamentarians reacted to this.

In the voting, 13 votes were accepted and 13 votes were rejected. Because the Mayor’s vote was counted as plus 1, the motion was not included in the agenda with 14 acceptances and 13 rejections. Çetin said, “My vote is 1 more. 13+1 let’s get well soon”. Reacting to this, CHP council member Muzaffer Yıldıran said to President Çetin, “If it’s 13+13, it means there is a problem here. It was not accepted with your plus one more vote. This decision remains with the managers, not ours. This will stay on your back,” he reacted.

Çetin, on the other hand, said, “It is not right to bring the matter before the judiciary to the parliament. He has reached the court. Why are we closing the company?” he replied. Then Yıldıran said, “Dismiss the company executives.” That’s when he exited. To this, Çetin replied, “Am I going to buy a man with every gossip?” After the ongoing oral discussions, the assembly continued with the discussion of other agenda items.

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