President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) Mustafa Sentoprecently Greece‘and Turkey He noted that the opposing attitude and hostility had peaked, and that this did not benefit neither Greece nor the people living there. Expressing that Greece is trying to bring the principle of being a nation out of hostility towards Turkey, Şentop said, “It is not possible for Turkey to take such a state seriously, a state that competes in such a league, continues, continues, and maintains its existence. From this perspective, we say that; “Turkey’s friendship is very valuable, but Turkey’s hostility is also very dangerous. Therefore, everyone should be very careful when taking action, talking and calculating against Turkey,” he said.

Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Edirneof Kashan in the district, in the Station District West Thrace One of the leaders of the Turks, Dr. Sadik AhmetHe participated in the opening ceremony of the bridge intersection named after . Before the ceremony, Dr. In addition to Şentop, Edirne Governor Hüseyin was invited to the Sadık Ahmet Panel. Kursat Kirbiyik, Great Unity Party General President Mustafa Destici, Dr. Sadik Ahmet’s wife, Işık Sadık Ahmet, and many guests attended.

Speaking at the panel, Şentop stated that Doctor Sadik Ahmet is a symbol name with his struggle in Western Thrace, and said, “We only protect the Turkish struggle in the person of Doctor Sadik Ahmet, as a political party or as a representative of a political party, as parliamentarians or as our bureaucrat friends. We, as a whole, as 85 million people living in Turkey, stand by our brothers and sisters living in Western Thrace. We stand behind their cause. It is not a matter of government or periodic ownership in Turkey. As long as Turkey exists, we have 85 million people. “We stand by the Turks of Western Thrace as long as there is a war. We stand by this cause. A symbolic meeting demonstrating this and the presence of our friends attending here has a meaning that expresses it,” he said.


Şentop said that in the struggle of the Turks of Western Thrace, Greece must comply with international law and the commitments it has signed, “As you know, with the Lausanne Treaty, the Turkish Muslim minority remaining in Western Thrace was under certain legal guarantees. İstanbulPeople who were former Ottoman subjects of Greek origin living in different districts of Istanbul, especially in the Islands, are now Republic of Turkey Citizens have similar guarantees. What is desired, what is demanded, what is being fought for; an additional right, not a favor. Compliance with the international agreements that it has committed itself is demanded from Greece. Of course, there were other legal developments as well. The European Convention on Human Rights was signed and accepted. It is requested to comply with the provisions herein, the rights that he has undertaken here, and the rights he should recognize, as well as the law. But of course, from the very beginning, from 1923 onwards, for 100 years, we have observed the lawlessness of Greece in different ways, in every event, in every period. Especially after the coup, the attitudes in the process that started with the arrival of the colonels’ junta in 1967, it is our Turkey’s Cyprus After the operation, we see that his policies continued and continued after this coup administration went away,” he said.


Şentop stated that efforts are being made not to forget symbolic names such as Doctor Sadik Ahmet and said, “Doctor Sadik Ahmet has waged a legal fight here, and as I said, it is a symbol that carries this fight not only within the borders of Greece, but also to Turkey, the Turkish world and especially to international European platforms. It was a name. It has waged this struggle first as an individual, then as a collective collective struggle with non-governmental organizations, and then as a political struggle, as a political party. May God have mercy on us. As we have not forgotten such symbol names, we also strive not to be forgotten. Many of our friends have mentioned it. As their last step, the name of Doctor Sadik Ahmet will be given to the place, which is the last crossroads on the way from Turkey to Greece today. So that everyone can see and remember the symbol name of this case and not be forgotten,” he said.


The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Şentop, stated that the attitude and hostility towards Turkey has peaked in Greece in the last period, and said:

“In a very close place, we see that recently, especially in Greece, an anti-Turkey attitude has raised its voice, perhaps a little bit about the elections, that the hostility towards Turkey has peaked and increased. A nation can reveal, explain and explain its existence by basing it on its own history, its own culture and its own values. It is not possible for a country that tries to explain its national existence on the basis of hostility to another country, to preserve and maintain this national existence. This is what it is. Greece is trying to establish the principle of being a nation based on hostility towards Turkey, not on its own historical values ​​and culture. This is not something that can be sustained, protected, or defended. Another point is that a country, a state, against its neighbors from time to time to some countries in the international arena. Based on that, you try to sit on the laps of those countries and try to efe We have seen that this was not successful in every period of history. We last saw this a century ago. We saw how Greece, which had deployed troops to Turkey in the western part of Anatolia upon some strategic calculations of England at that time, was devastated and had difficulties that it could not cope with for decades. something similar now United States of AmericaThey are trying to maintain their independence in terms of economy and military with a reckless hostility towards Turkey, risking and threatening their independence, perhaps even risking becoming the 51st province of Turkey. First of all, this is of no use to Greece. People living in Greece are of no use to their own people. But it is not possible for Turkey to take such a state seriously, a state that competes in such a league, continues, continues, and maintains its existence seriously. In this respect, we say that; Turkey’s friendship is very precious. But Turkey’s hostility is also very dangerous. Therefore, everyone should be very careful when taking action, talking and making calculations against Turkey.”


in the Islands, East MediterraneanUnderlining that the legal situations should be evaluated correctly regarding the events that took place in Turkey, Şentop said, “First of all, the Treaty of Lausanne. When the other agreements referred to by the Treaty of Lausanne are evaluated together, it is clear that the issue of dominance over some islands in the Sea of ​​Islands is a controversial issue. I would like to express that it is a controversial issue, especially in terms of legal status. Greece should not ignite or trigger an environment in which these issues will be brought to the agenda and discussed. Otherwise, it should be ready for some surprises both in terms of legal and international law. We want peace in the whole world, we want stability, we want peace. For that, we do our best, Ukraine- Russia As in the war. However, Turkey is a country that has the power and ability to defend its rights and interests arising from international law at any time and by any means. On this occasion, let’s express this and let us repeat here that we stand with the struggle of Turkish brothers in Western Thrace, which is symbolized in the person of Doctor Sadik Ahmet, and that we stand with Turkey as 85 million.”


Doctor Sadik Ahmet’s wife, FEP Party Honorary President Işık Sadık Ahmet, in his opening speech, emphasized his wife’s struggle in Western Thrace. Işık Sadık Ahmet said, “His achievements and achievements are innumerable. In short, he is the one who can accomplish in 10 years what can be done in 100 years. There was no house he did not enter as a doctor. He took care of the health of every compatriot. He was always with the oppressed people as a politician. Of course, there is a woman next to every successful man, I “I always supported my wife when she stumbled. I gave her a shoulder when she stumbled, I also served as a companion for life. She also devoted her life to her society. On July 24, 1995, the 72nd anniversary of Lausanne, in a suspicious accident involving our entire family, we took her away from us.” and they cut him off from society. Doctor Sadik Ahmet continues to live with the works and ideas he left behind. The society has never forgotten him, they keep him alive in their hearts. Today, his name will be immortalized here once again. This bridge is the bridge of the heart. He brought Keşan to Western Thrace, BalkansIt is the bridge that will connect us to our heartland. On the other hand, every year Ipsala Customs GateIt is the bridge under which hundreds of thousands of people enter and exit from Turkey and Greece. This bridge crossing will raise awareness so that the name of Doctor Sadik Ahmet and his struggle are known.”


Mustafa Destici, Chairman of the Great Union Party, stated that a heavy price was paid in the Turkification and Islamization of the Balkans. Destici said, “Hundreds of thousands of people were massacred and martyred just because they were Turks and Muslims. But despite that, they said, ‘We are here, we are Turks and Muslims, and we will not go anywhere from here. This is our homeland.’ That’s why we told them on behalf of the Turkish nation. We express our gratitude. But it should be known that just like the Turkmeneli region, Western Thrace is an inseparable part of the state of the Republic of Turkey and the great Turkish nation. Today, the Republic of Turkey is stronger. It is very powerful. “The state will not and will not allow it. Everyone should know this,” he said.

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