China challenged Elon Musk! Agreement signed

Chinese researchers, Elon Musk’s StarlinkThey plan to build their own fleet to stop the . The proposed mega-satellite suite does not have a set launch date, but is equipped with technologies to spy on Starlink, among other capabilities. 12.992 satellite is expected.

South China Morning PostThe satellite team’s codename was probably “Guowang” meaning “GW” uses the abbreviation. Xu The Chinese Satellite Network Group will take ownership of the fleet, which he and his colleagues described in an article published Feb. 15 in the journal Command and Control Simulation.

There is no set launch or completion date for the Chinese satellite team, but Xu said the target GW says its network is the deployment of Starlink before the constellation is complete.

SCMPThe rapid deployment of the Chinese satellite suite will help orbit Earth, writes . “to take over” can prevent. Researchers also worry that may choose to arm the satellite suite. Thus, China’s proposed fleet of satellites will have the ability to provide internet services, as well as spy on its rival and even disable individual Starlink satellites.

SCMPAs reported by the researchers, “Starlink “The satellites can use their orbital maneuvering capabilities to actively hit and destroy nearby targets in space.” Xu, ChinaHe adds that ‘s efforts will “ensure the country has a place in low orbit and will prevent the Starlink constellation from over-compromising low-orbit resources by acting early.”

China’s Guowang launch efforts have been underway for several years. SpaceNewsAs pointed out by China, 2020to the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva 13,000 satellites applied for. In 2021, Beijing, the capital of China, established the China Satellite Network Group, citing satellite internet as a crucial part of China’s infrastructure. China Satellite Network Groupsigned an agreement with Shanghai this month, but the details of that agreement are unknown.

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