China is once again shaken by Covid-19

First, towards the end of 2019, China’s Wuhan The corona virus, which emerged in the city of Istanbul and started to be seen all over the world since the beginning of 2020, left its mark on the past 2 years.

While people who were closed to their homes for months longed for human faces, the increasing number of cases and deaths began to seem like a never-ending nightmare. However, although it still continues to cause controversy, with the development of vaccines, these dark days began to pass and finally of the year 2022 Towards the middle of the world, Covid-19 lost its place on the world agenda.

China is once again shaken by Covid-19

However, the same cannot be said for China, where the first fuse was fired. Hundreds of thousands of new daily worldwide thousands of cases China, which reported unbelievably triple-digit new cases and double-digit deaths daily, while new deaths were reported, has been zero new deaths for long months. case strategy and in this context, he locked people in their homes and closed the factories.

However, due to the revolt of people and the hardship of the economy, the people who loosened their measures Chinese, now he is going through the whole process all over again. Only in the last month since December Covid-19 The number of deaths caused by the disease was announced as around 60,000. About these deaths 6.000’i It was explained that while it was directly caused by respiratory failure, the rest were from other ailments caused by the damage caused by the corona virus.

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