China is turning America upside down with its technology!

The Biden administration may be limiting China’s production of advanced chips, but the Asian country ranks ahead of the United States in specifically research and development in 37 of 44 key and emerging technologies, according to the independent research organization.

These include AI, defense and key quantum technologies.

China has surpassed the US in

Insider explained that the Canberra-based Australian Institute for Strategic Policy ( ASPI ) explains that China has “striking leadership” over the US when it comes to R&D in many of the critical and emerging areas.

ASPI is one of the areas where China leads the US. defense, space, robotics, energy, environment, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, advanced materials and important quantum noted that there are areas

China turned America upside down on technology!

The organization noted that the ten leading research institutions for some of these technologies are more numerous in China and have produced nine times more high-impact research papers than the United States. What is particularly worrying for America is that the two areas where China really excels are Defense and space-related technologies. ASPI announced that China’s advances in nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles surprised the United States in 2021.

Now, America’s stereotyped dream country may be taken over by China in the near future.

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