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Trakya Politik continues to keep its finger on the pulse of the landmark election to be held in 2023. After Çorlu, we turned our microphone to the citizens living in Kırklareli. It would not be a surprise if the Nation Alliance wins all 3 deputies in Kırklareli, where the CHP is far ahead.

When we extended our microphone to the citizens living in Kırklareli a week ago, President Erdoğan had not yet announced the EYT good news. Despite this, when a citizen we last extended our microphone to insisted that he would not vote for the government even if EYT came out, we ended our recording on İstasyon Street by saying that the purpose of our conversation has been achieved.

CHP is in the lead by a long way… Although the rate of citizens who say they will not vote or are undecided is less than Çorlu, a considerable portion is also present in Kırklareli. More than 60 percent of those who state their preference say the Republican People’s Party. This vote may not be enough to make a jumpsuit in Kırklareli, which will have three deputies. However, it would not be a surprise if the CHP and IYI Party, which will enter the elections with a common list, receive all three deputies.

MHP drew zero!

The Nationalist Movement Party, which has a considerable base in Kırklareli, became the roof party of the People’s Alliance in the last local election. Not a single person responded to the microphone that we extended, saying that I would vote for the MHP. After a young man who said, “I am from the MHP, but I will vote for Fatih Erbakan, not the MHP,” another young man expressed that he will vote for the Victory Party, which stands out with its support from the nationalist base. Another interesting piece of data was that a citizen who said, “I would never vote for the AK Party”, spoke into the microphone and stated that he was an executive in the MHP. Not to mention that all this happened before the death of Sinan Ateş, the former Chairman of the Ülkü Ocakları, full of secrets… Nobody should be surprised if the MHP gets the lowest vote in its history in Kırklareli.

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