CHP metropolitan mayors in Konya

CHP metropolitan mayors Konya‘and

İstanbul Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Imamoglu:

“We are in Konya with 11 metropolitan mayors”

KONYA – Republic Metropolitan mayors from the People’s Party came together in the “Metropolitan Mayors Meeting” program held in Konya. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem ImamogluHe said that they are in Konya with 11 metropolitan mayors.

Within the framework of the program, Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, made a statement after visiting the Mevlana Museum. Stating that they are in Konya with 11 metropolitan mayors, İmamoğlu said, “Since the first moment we took office, we have shared very good posts on behalf of our country, our cities, with all our mayors. Tekirdag We are together with our mayor, but our other friends are meeting with our citizens here with the programs made by our mayors in different parts of Konya. When our last meetings were over, we decided to do it in different cities of Anatolia and Thrace after consultation with our president. We took the first step in Konya. From now on, we will continue to do this in different cities of our country whenever we have the opportunity. Of course, it is very precious for me to experience this beautiful moment in Konya. We said our prayers in the presence of Hazrat Mevlana. Of course, it was for the country, it was for the children of the country. Especially for our children’s future. May Allah give us strength and power so that our country can reach the place it deserves. Of course, we are praying in this sense. Of course, we especially prayed for rights, law and justice,” he said.

When asked about the prison sentence decision, İmamoğlu said, “The punishment described is very cruel. It is a punishment that can make an individual politically banned for many years, even imprisoned. Of course, there are higher courts, but we still have different interpretations about these processes. “I think he did not say anything expected of him by the leaders of our country, especially by the members of the government, especially by the president. In the conscience of our citizens, this decision is not a court decision. In the conscience of our citizens, this decision is a political decision,” he said.

After the announcement, İmamoğlu left the Mevlana Museum together with his companions.

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