CHP’s Gaytancıoğlu: ‘Herbal oil crisis is at the door’

CHP Edirne Deputy Okan GaytanciogluHe claimed that the producer was making a loss and that the vegetable oil crisis was at the door.

Gaytancıoğlu, at the press conference held in the Parliament, said that they are in favor of an understanding that wants the citizens to reach safe food and that both the producer and the consumer win.

Gaytancıoğlu argued that the government could not create a policy and tried to find the solution with imports and zeroing customs duties.Vegetable oil crisis is at hand,” he said.

TurkeyGaytancıoğlu stated that there is a serious inflow of sunflower oil and sunflower seeds to Turkey. he said.

Gaytancıoğlu stated that the producer could not sell the sunflower, which was sold for 12-13-14 liras, for 10 liras, and continued as follows:

“Trakya Birlik compelled the conditions and bought products for 12 liras. It has serious stocks. It is making a loss right now. If Trakya Birlik makes a loss, the producer is making a loss. We are faced with a government that sees this loss and resets the customs taxes. The manufacturer will set a record in 2022. But hold on tight, it will be a disappointment in 2023. The producer will not plant sunflowers. CukurovaIndicators of this started. Sugar beet and cotton are planted in places where sunflowers are expected to be planted in Çukurova. Because the producer made a loss from sunflower last year.”

Son Dika Politics CHP’s Gaytancıoğlu: ‘Herbal oil crisis is at the door’ – Last Minute

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