‘Cities Meet, Economy Talks’ meeting held in Kırklareli

Kirklareli governor Birol EkiciKirklareli Organized industrial Zoneof (OSB) said that it will be the biggest OIZ of Thrace in a short time.

Governor Ekici, Bursa He accepted the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş, in his office.

Later, “Cities Meet,” organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in a textile company in Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone. Economy Participating in the program “He’s Talking”, Ekici stated in his speech that the industrialists of Bursa and Kırklareli came together.

Kırklareli Bulgaria on the border MarmaraExplaining that there is a city with a high production capacity in the west of Istanbul, Ekici said, “The two cities have many things in common. We have a lot in common in agriculture, especially in textile, casting industry and automobiles. We consume 8 percent of sunflower and 2.1 percent of wheat. , we produce 2.3 percent of rice. Turkey“We have a very important place in it,” he said.

Emphasizing that Kırklareli OIZ is the distinguished region of Thrace, Ekici said, “Our industrial region is growing day by day. We are currently on 5 thousand decares, but we will increase to 15 thousand decares in a short time. We will be the largest in Thrace.” he said.

Ekici stated that Bursa also has a rich and well-established industry.

Aktaş, on the other hand, stated that they came together in Kırklareli in order to bring together and fuse the experiences of the two cities.

Emphasizing that the whole world is going through a difficult and troublesome process due to the epidemic, Aktaş said, “We have to work hard, try hard, run hard. Of course, the state, our Presidency, and our ministries will fulfill their necessary duties and responsibilities, but we really have to produce and work hard.” said.

Providing information about Bursa to investors, Aktaş stated that they have reached an export figure of close to 17 billion dollars.

After the speeches, the investors of the two cities exchanged views. Afterwards, Ekici and Aktaş visited the textile company and had dinner with the workers.

In the program, a cooperation protocol was signed between Kırklareli OIZ and Demirtaş OIZ.

Son Dika Current ‘Cities Meet, Economy Talks’ meeting held in Kırklareli – Last Minute

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