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Even if the summer season sees the spring to drive away and suddenly descend, the leb-i derya summer resorts of Thrace are suddenly filled to the brim. These towns, most of which have a population of three to five thousand people, are so crowded with foreigners that you cannot even see your spouse or friend, whom you greet on the road morning and evening, in this crowd. Local governments are entangled. From cleaning services to traffic, from accommodation to food and beverage, all the veins of the tourism-service sector begin to clog rapidly.

Never laugh; “Even if this summer is over, even if those who come leave…” I know the local authorities who say, “I know the local people who finish the summer before they can even put their feet in the blue waters that they look at every day among the busy work force. My word to him “I don’t know how many corners of paradise will escape from Istanbul…” You find yourself looking for “close places” to escape even from these towns that have polished their reputation.

Igneada town of Demirkoy district of Kirklareli is one such place. long beaches, longoseIt can be said that, with its lakes, streams and emerald forests, those who come to İğneada can at least escape from the center of the town, as I mentioned above, it is a full place. As someone who has spent at least a few days of each summer in Igneada since my childhood, I am one of those who complain the most about the stifling crowd that increases year by year; My peaceful haven is Limanköy, five kilometers from Igneada.

Coffee is an Excuse, Breakfast is Amazing; Port of Flavor

Limanköy oscillates right on the hill on that promontory, which catches the eye of those who stand in the town center of İğneada and turn their faces to the sea, reaching out like a horse’s head into the raging Black Sea and calming the harbor at their feet. Again, I recommend you to stand by the same sea and enjoy the rise of the sun or the full moon over Limanköy. Although, those summer houses rising just behind the harbor and getting ugly day by day may surprise you a bit. “I guess it can’t be the port of Limanköy, either?” I can hear you say. Do not worry. Limanköy just stands behind those summer houses, as a haven of peace that has managed to hide a bit from the eyes for now.

“For now” I say because Lezzet Port, run by a young and visionary person like Uğur Demirgülle, who grew up in this village and supports rural development by investing in his village, has created such an attraction effect with its breakfast and coffee on the sand in recent years that its fame is a century and a half away from the village. French Lantern it competed with. Therefore, the number of people visiting this village, which was in its own state, increased day by day. You know, if one day the people of Limanköy start to complain about the crowd like Igneada, I’ll tell Uğur well. “Because of you!” you can say.

Port of Taste, Interior

I want you to meet him… Uğur Demirgülle… In his own words “the village idiot”. You or I may not be able to understand what could have brought him back to Limanköy, one of the few settlements in the westernmost part of Turkey, beaten by the fierce waves and harsh winds of the Black Sea, leaving his university education in Edirne aside from the possibility of living in a nearby metropolis like Istanbul. . But he escaped from those suffocating and big cities. He returned to his native village. He found the way to hold on to life in tourism-oriented investments, which he adopted as a rural development model and implemented by knitting stitch by knot.

Uğur Demirgülle first started by making the coffee house in the village square his place. You probably won’t find another sweet village coffeehouse like it in the village square. I would like to clinch your curiosity by leaving the details of the Atatürk bust in front of the cafe for you to discover. I refer you to this sense of discovery of the most beautiful library building you have ever seen, which can be found in a village in E bi. Let’s go back to Uğur’s new place after leaving this coffee house.

You reach the Lezzet Harbour, by a road that turns right from the entrance of Limanköy. There is no such thing as getting lost here, but what you see on the road “Where is Uğur’s place?” You can also ask. Uğur Demirgülle, who has been operating a corner of the coffee house in the village square for several years, opened his place just before the 2018 summer season. Limanköy Port of Taste relocated to its new location. He built an eating and drinking place with 200 square meters of indoor and 100 square meters of open space on a land of approximately 2600 square meters belonging to him. There is a sea view, albeit from a distance, towards Igneada.

Limanköy Port of Taste

“Breakfast must have something to do with happiness…” As they say, this is Uğur’s motto in the Port of Lezzet. Those who come mostly come for his breakfast, which he prepares with natural, local and many of his own products. Ugur’s jams prepared with natural forest fruits and locally grown fruits are very famous. You know, have your breakfast, but I also recommend that you do not go without buying jars of jams released in jars. Oil, honey, milk, eggs, cheese, molasses, whatever you can think of for breakfast, untouched by his own hand, is obtained from the region as much as possible.

By the way, I should add that the place has its own garden of one acre. Uğur Demirgülle grows his own vegetables with local seeds in this area where chemical fertilizers never step. Then, she uses these vegetables for her breakfast. By transforming it into winter products such as tomato paste, roasted vegetables, sauces and pickles, it carries those aromas, that deliciousness and naturalness to the next seasons.

Ugur definitely touches the delicacies in the kitchen. Cut two tomatoes, put two slices of cheese in front of the customer, I’m not talking about a kind of breakfast. I’m telling you, whatever comes to the table, meat, milk, vegetables and fruits are always from here. First of all, you feel its taste, smell and breath. In the local cuisine, you can find the kind of flavors you can come across at a village table. How many of the tasteless, unsalted breakfast plates that proliferate like mushrooms in cities, have identical menus, and stare at the money in your pocket? egg roll Or you can taste sour pepper? The interesting taste of Bosnian cuisine soka, an experience in itself. What about those Thrace’s wide variety of cheeses? Especially goat cheese, in its purest form? Oh, oh! Oh, and there are jams from forest fruits picked right from the heart of the Strandja forests. Annotating the reign of jams milk jamIf you don’t absolutely taste it, you’re at a great loss. Sauces, marmalades… The flavor you will eat for me with your bread, which is blended with pepper and tomato cooked in a casserole, is because of Uğur’s own touches. “Ugur Liked” If it is called, is it too much? Be sure to try it. In this simplicity, such a taste…

Enjoying Coffee on the Sand

However, if you look for a polish on such a sumptuous breakfast table… Uğur’s coffee on the sand will add to the enjoyment of the view accompanied by the chirping bird sounds. But let me suggest you ice cream in a melon bowl where Thrace’s famous Balaban ice cream is served.

Uğur Demirgülle also adds spirit and difference to the spirit of the place with the gifts he made with his own hands and usually embodied in natural forest products. Let me give you the good news that we will be able to see him with accommodation service in the coming years. But of course there is still some time for him.

When you come to Limanköy…

On the other hand, you can go on a small exploration in the village before or after breakfast. You should definitely see the Limanköy Guest House, right next to the village coffee house, next to Uğur’s old place. This is an interesting two-storey place, which includes the village library I mentioned above, and is surrounded by wrapping plants on all four sides. It is a multi-purpose building where village women gather and produce collectively, has a library, and is also a multi-purpose building that those who come to the village can use for tourism purposes. You should definitely visit.

You should also stop by the lighthouse hill, which diverges from the entrance of the village, all just a few hundred meters ahead, with a panoramic view of the vast horizon of the Black Sea. Throughout its history, members of the same family have operated the one and a half century old lighthouse, locally known as the French Lighthouse. Come to the lighthouse The Nine itselfYou can find the story of . I think you should read that story first, then visit the lighthouse, lean on the lighthouse and imagine the heroes of this story still swinging in this garden. Dive in the course of the shores stretching like lace from the Bulgarian coast to Kiyikoy and from there to the Bosphorus.

Igneada Sea ( French ) Lighthouse @ Make Happy

If you have finished your breakfast and intend to explore new places, I can recommend the village of Begendik, which is about 10-12 kilometers away. The story of the village of Begendik, which is Turkey’s most extreme settlement in the west of the Black Sea and coincides with the Bulgarian settlement of Rezova, has a different flavor. Inside that Lives at the Border You can browse our content. Oh, by the way, let’s add as a footnote that if you intend to go to Begendik, you have to give prior notice in order to taste chicken in a tin made in a shabby place in the village.

Photos : Used with permission from the venue’s social media page.


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