Complete demolition decision was made for that district! When will the process begin?

Southeast Anatolia and the Mediterranean In the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, which were felt in the provinces of Turkey, many provinces in this region were damaged to a great extent. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, started to work quickly after the earthquake. Gaziantep is among the provinces damaged by both major earthquakes and aftershocks. Gaziantep governorannounced that the Nurdağı district, which was damaged in the earthquake, will be completely demolished and rebuilt.

Gaziantep, KahramanmarasIt is located in the south of Turkey as a neighboring province. Therefore, Gaziantep was damaged in both major earthquakes and additional aftershocks. As a result, demolitions occurred in the districts in proportion to the variability.

Gaziantep’in Nurdagi The district is among the places that suffered the most damage. Osman Bilgin, the governor of Gaziantep, announced that they took the first decision together with Nurdağı, one of the districts, due to the insufficient repair and strengthening activities.

According to the governor’s decision, environment and urban ministry One hundred percent of Gaziantep Nurdağı will be completely demolished and the district will be completely rebuilt.

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