Countries that spend the most time on Instagram! Which rank is Turkey?

In Turkey, the use of social media has decreased by 7 million people. So how are things on ? The big difference between Turkey and other countries was surprising!

Countries that spend the most time on ! Which rank is Turkey?

Turkey’s social media scorecard has emerged: Millions of people have moved away from the virtual world. It has been revealed that there has been a significant decrease in the number of people using social media in the last year. The reason for this is estimated to be the pandemic. However, data suggests otherwise.

Because the data released by revealed that Turkey is the country that spends the most time on . When we look at the world average, we see that the general usage is 12 hours. However, this time is 21.4 hours in Turkey.

Looking at the data compiled as usage per month, the countries that spend the most time on are as follows;

Countries that spend the most time on Instagram!  Which rank is Turkey?  - Picture : 1

1 -Turkey – 21.4 hours
2- Argentina – 17.6 hours
3- Brazil – 15.4 hours
4- India – 14.9 hours
World average – 12 hours
5- Russia – 9.6 hours
6- Canada – 9.5 hours
7- Singapore – 9.5 hours
8- Austria – 8.6 hours
9- France – 8.6 hours
10- Germany – 8.5 hours
11- United Kingdom – 7.7 hours
12- United States – 7.7 hours
13- Mexico – 6.9 hours
14- South Korea – 6.1 hours

What do you think about this subject? How reliable do you think the data obtained by is? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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