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Kırklareli Bar Association filed a criminal complaint against the asphalt construction site, which was started next to Lüleburgaz, without the permission of Kolin İnşaat. Stating that they will follow the process, Lüleburgaz Mayor Dr. Murat Gerenli said, “We have started the necessary initiatives with our Provincial General Assembly Members and Kırklareli Bar Association. We have filed a criminal complaint about unauthorized and illegal practices,” he said.

In Thrace, which is among the fertile agricultural lands of Turkey but has been dying with the pollution of the Ergene Basin for the last 50 years, within the framework of the 1/100.000 scaled Environmental Plan of Kolin İnşaat company, the field located near the disaster settlement area and whose agricultural quality has been determined as the First Priority Protected Area is qualified. Kırklareli Bar Association also took action regarding the incident where he was planning to build an asphalt construction site on the land and started to work without obtaining permission. The Bar Association filed a criminal complaint about unauthorized and illegal practices.

Stating that they will follow the process on the subject, President Gerenli said, “The company in question, which received the European Highway Maintenance, Repair and Renovation tender, which passes through our region, carries out its activities without applying for any license. This facility, which is understood to be operated in secret and which we think is condoned by the relevant institutions, belongs to Kolin İnşaat,” he said.

President Gerenli stated that he learned that a complaint was made by a citizen through CIMER on January 20, and that an application was made verbally to the Kırklareli Special Provincial Administration by the Lüleburgaz District Governorate, adding, “No legal action has been taken in the past 35 days. Worse still, when we ask about the application, we get the answer “We don’t know”.

Underlining that they will continue their struggle against the illegal situation, Mayor Gerenli said, “We started the necessary initiatives together with our Provincial Assembly Members and Kırklareli Bar Association, and we filed a criminal complaint about unauthorized and illegal practices.”

Lüleburgaz Municipality took action quickly with the environmental disaster and requested a halt to the Kırklareli Provincial Directorate of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. In the petition sent to the Directorate, it was asked whether the decision of the Local Environment Committee was taken for the area where the asphalt plant was requested and the construction of which started, whether there was an opinion of the Kırklareli Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, whether there was an EIA report and whether there was a construction permit obtained from the Kırklareli Special Provincial Administration.

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