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It is one of the unique dishes of Kırklareli cuisine. kasha recipesit is Ali CAKIRWe have previously included in our pages with the measurement of . Till In general, we can say that it is a form of corn flour turned into a kind of thick soup with binders such as water, ayran and tarhana. Another product of the local cuisine evasion It is similar to the recipe, and it is often confused with each other.

Presenting the forgotten local flavors by blending them with today’s flavors and presenting an example of female entrepreneurship in Demirköy. Gulay KAYANwhich he learned from his mother, who remained from his childhood days and was kneaded with Pomak cuisine. “Cumkali Kasha” He shared his recipe for our pages with his own measurements.

Here “sand” what are we talking about? At first glance, cumka, which is mixed with roasting, is actually a kind of offal obtained from milk lambs (it is also obtained from dairy cows, but the preferred and most easily accessible in the region is obtained from milk lambs), especially in the spring months. In public “sweetbread” It is a kind of glandular gland that we know as a gibbon and can be obtained from various parts of the animal and named according to the region from which it is obtained. As the animal is weaned and aged (spring lambs are precious for this reason), this part tends to get smaller and smaller, turning into meat, and sometimes even a small amount of sleepiness disappears.

Cumkali Kasa © Gulay KAYAN

Obtained from the neck of the animal “neck sleepiness”obtained from the area between his lung and liver “heart sleepiness” or “liver sleepiness”The one that comes out of the adrenal region (this part is confused as the intestinal region) is called “hazelnut sleepiness”. The most valuable one is hazelnut sleepiness. It is separated from its membrane, blood and cartilage by various culinary methods. Preparation methods vary according to the region where it is taken. One that can be prepared for the winter, such as lasting longer and roasting “Hazelnut Sleepiness” This section is called. A little tallow, sometimes roasted with roasted meat to enrich the material, and then pressed into cubes to be used as winter. “sand” is named. This local name is especially emphasized in order not to confuse it with roasting, which is prepared in the same region.

The outside of the cumkan (sleepiness) roasted in a hot fire with a piece of sunflower oil and tallow takes a caramelized color. It should be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. This offal, which is not very popular among offal in our country, is not even known. It is prepared abroad, especially from dairy cows. The ingenuity shown in its cooking carries an important scoring criterion, especially by the authorities that mark star kitchens and chefs.

living in Demirköy district of Kırklareli. Gulay KAYAN (From Gülay’s Kitchen / Pomak Kızı) She compiled this recipe with the memories of her childhood from her mother, from Yenice village of Pınarhisar district of Kırklareli, where her mother spent her teenage years, and brought it to her own kitchen. With reference to Pomak roots, “For us, every meal, including breakfast, is a feast for Pomaks.” We bring this recipe to our pages with its dimensions, and we would like to express our thanks for this valuable contribution.

Materials :
  • 250 g cornmeal
  • 150 gr cumka
  • 1 lt with
  • Salt
Preparation of :
    • Take the flour in a deep pan and fry it until it smells.
    • It is enough for the flour to turn slightly and its smell to come out. Take care not to overcook.
    • Set the pot aside, add a glass of cold water and thaw the flour so that it does not clump.
    • Take it back to the stove and add the rest of the water as it boils.
    • While doing this, avoid clumping by stirring constantly.
    • Take into account the salt that may come from the cumka and balance the salt of your kasha.
    • When your kasha starts to thicken, add your cumka that you lightly roasted and thawed in a separate pan. If you are cooking it fresh in the spring, you can add it to the first roasted version.
    • Add another piece of cumka to your kasha, which turns into a boza-like consistency, and serve it.


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