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As it is the subject of many pages we have shared before; In recent years, Demirköy has become the center of attraction for those who want to escape from the big cities where work is busy, life is constantly worrying about getting from one place to another, and which has taken all kinds of negativities such as traffic, environmental problems and noise, and who want to freshen up by spending time in a clean nature. The beauties of Demirköy as well as its proximity to a metropolis like Istanbul and industrial settlements such as Çerkezköy, Çorlu, Tekirdağ and Lüleburgaz have a great impact on this. As such, a significant increase is observed in the number of businesses that want to evaluate this trend towards Demirköy with eco-tourism propositions. Opened in the summer of 2017 Nisa Farm is one of the exemplary initiatives that see this potential and evaluate it correctly.

Enjoying Breakfast at Nisa Farm © Erkan YAVAŞ

A Family Business Touched by Mother’s Hand

Nisa Farm is a family business in the true sense of the word. Their idea of ​​settling in Demirköy and establishing a farm came true after a visit to the region. Mom Beyhan We need to talk about Ms. Beyhan, originally from Ordu, settled in Istanbul at the age of 17. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is not difficult to understand that the chaos of Istanbul surrounds it as well. There hasn’t been a day that he didn’t think of a paradise like Ordu. The idea of ​​settling and farming in Demirköy with his family suddenly sprouted after a trip they made to the vicinity of İğneada-Demirköy. The family first planned to do animal husbandry in this geography, which is close to Istanbul but similar to Ordu in nature. For this purpose, they bought land and immigrated to Demirköy from Istanbul, this time on January 3, 2015.

They say the female bird makes the nest; She conveys that her mother Beyhan lady’s hands work from the bricks of the farm to the mortar, her daughter İrem Hanım. He proudly says that his mother instilled his love for the earth and his passion for nature into the whole family. Otherwise, what else could convince someone in their early twenties to settle in a small place like Demirköy, from a metropolis like Istanbul that attracts young people differently? Although there was no one named Nisa in the family, they gave this name to their farms. The word Nisa, which gives its name to a chapter in the Qur’an, means “woman” in Arabic. In a sense, it is dedicated to the operation and elevation of the farm from the hands of women and to the efforts of mother Beyhan lady.

Demirköy Strawberry

Back to nature and nature

Two years after the family settled in Demirköy, they succeeded in putting the farm into service in its current form on June 24, 2017. Nisa Farm is built on 48 acres of land. The farm, which has sections for animal husbandry and agriculture, has also been arranged as a food and beverage place where you can spend time in nature, taking into account the interest in the region. While visitors have the opportunity to taste the products grown on the farm at the table, they can also collect or buy themselves.

Many products such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, green beans, carrots, artichokes, kidney beans, milk corn, watermelons, melons and zucchini are produced at Nisa Farm by traditional methods and without the use of chemical pesticides. Three acres of land is reserved for Demirköy’s famous strawberry. Demirköy strawberries with high flavor and yield are produced. When visitors come to Nisa Farm, they have the opportunity to harvest these strawberries with their own hands.

Some of them are produced in their own farms at the local benches in the farm, and some of them are supplied from the neighboring producers of the region; daily fresh milk, yoghurt, butter, farm eggs, cheese, and fruits such as figs, pears, rosehips, sour cherries, plums, raspberries, barberry, cassava, obtained from these fruits, such as jam, marmalade, fruit pulp, natural fruit juices. You can find products. Nisa Farm also offers the opportunity to harvest the vegetables grown on the farm with your own hands, as we mentioned above.

Located right in the middle of a lush piece of nature, the place promises its visitors a sumptuous breakfast. Everything is as natural as possible, with products supplied from the farm or the region. When we sit at the table in such a clean atmosphere, we say how much we have forgotten or neglected about natural nutrition. You can’t even remember how long it has been since you tasted a delicious soup at a breakfast table and drank village milk, which has a unique taste and smell, cooked in wood fire. Demirköy’s famous Bosnian pastriesno, mantiOthers accompany their pumpkin pie. All kinds of jams from garden and forest berries, from oil to honey, find a place on the table with their deliciousness.

Natural Products © Ahmet ÇAMLICA

You can see that the products from the Black Sea accompany the local products from time to time. It is accompanied by fresh hazelnuts collected by the family from their garden in Ordu. Pickled beans are like that… Well, one day you’ll find a delicious cornbread on the table.

Nisa Farm is the perfect place for those who want to spend time in nature and return to the places they live to be refreshed. It is a joyful place for families, especially for their children, where they can spend time freely and steal a peaceful day from life. Those who want to spend time, the cannons that are located nearby and used by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the conquest of Istanbul are poured. Demirkoy FoundryThey can go on a short journey in history by visiting . Likewise, Demirköy and its town İğneada have so much beauty to be discovered. As long as you make your way to this warm place.


Address : On the Foundry Road / DEMİRKOY

Tel : 0530 502 51 48 / 0530 242 51 48 / 0531 232 04 80

Photos : Ahmet ÇAMLICA, Erkan YAVAŞ


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