Deputy Foreign Minister Bozay spoke at the OIC Foreign Ministers Council Meeting

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Union (EU) President Ambassador Mehmet Kemal Bozay, TurkeyHe said that Turkey will continue to support the work of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and its vision of joint intervention in the challenges faced.

bozay, MauritaniaHe spoke at the opening of the 49th OIC Foreign Ministers Council Meeting held in Novakchot, the capital of Turkey.

Recalling the earthquakes that took place in Turkey on February 6, Bozay said, “On this occasion, I would like to express our deep satisfaction and gratitude to the member states that have shown close solidarity with Turkey after the earthquakes. I am also grateful to the entire delegation who emphasized their solidarity and support with us.” said.

Emphasizing that the Muslim world is currently facing many problems and that appropriate steps should be taken, Bozay continued as follows:

CyprusMuslim Turks in Turkey live under embargo and international isolation. Any negotiation process for a just, lasting and sustainable solution can only be successful if it is based on this reality. Learning from past mistakes, Turkish Cypriots rightly demand the reaffirmation of their sovereign equality and equal international status. These are their birthrights. We expect the support of all brotherly OIC member countries to respect the will of Muslim Turkish Cypriots and to end the inhuman isolation imposed on them.”

Bozay’dan Palestine ve West Thrace emphasis

Drawing attention to the treatment of the Turkish Muslim community in Western Thrace, Bozay said, “The participation of the OIC is necessary to ensure that the ethnic identity, religious and cultural rights of (Western Thracians) are duly respected by the Greek authorities.” he said.

Emphasizing that the situation in the occupied Palestinian lands is also not sustainable and is getting more and more unstable with each passing day, Bozay said, “Expansion of illegal settlements, forced evictions, demolition, Masjid al-Masjid Aksaprovocations, use of force against Palestinian civilians, settler violence, JerusalemAll attempts to change the demographic, historical and legal status of IsraelWe reject these unacceptable unilateral actions of .

“We expect full solidarity in the fight against terrorism”

bozay, SyriaReconstruction and political stability are extremely important in Turkey, on the other hand, PKK/ YPGStating that the threat of . he said.

LibyaPointing out that the time has come for a free, fair and reliable election in Turkey, Bozay said that they support the UN’s steps in this direction.

Bozay is one of the important issues in the world right now. Ukraine Pointing out that there is war and food and energy as a result, “Turkey is ready to do its best to contribute to the solution of these problems, as in the grain agreement.” used the phrases.

AfghanistanWe shouldn’t ignore “

Stating that the Ukraine war is one of the biggest and humanitarian crises in the region with its wide impact and potential repercussions, Bozay made the following warnings:

The world Even though the general and Muslim countries are preoccupied with these urgent issues, we should not ignore Afghanistan. As we all continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, we must deliver consistent and unified messages of political inclusion and respect for human rights in Afghanistan. The use of force creates a spiral of violence that narrows the common ground of dialogue and diplomacy.”

bozay, AfricaPointing out that the solution to the problems in Turkey is also in Africa, “Turkey, as a responsible member of the international community and strategic partner of the African Union, will continue to share its experiences in mediation and facilitation with Africa and support capacity building efforts in these areas.” said.

Rohingya Muslims and Uyghur Turks

Emphasizing that the difficult situation of Rohingya Muslims and the situation in Jammu and Kashmir are other injustices, Bozay said, “OIC should increase its contacts on these issues in order to secure the rights of all Muslims in non-member countries. In this context, China’s Xinjiang The protection of the religious freedoms and cultural identities of the Uyghur Turks and other Muslim minorities in the Uyghur Autonomous Region should also be at the top of our agenda.”

Demanding support for Turkey’s proposal to host the 51st meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers, Bozay said, “I would like to emphasize once again that Turkey will continue to support the OIC’s actions and its vision of a joint response to the challenges we face.” he said.

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