Derinkuyu strawberry goes to Turkic states

Derinkuyu Strawberry goes to Turkic states

NEVŞEHİR – It was established in 2004 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. NevsehirAfter the guarantee applied due to the presence of potato light disease in the agricultural areas of , especially in the Derinkuyu region, the farmers also turned to alternative products.

Farmers who stopped planting potatoes in Derinkuyu district due to a disease in the soil, with the strawberry seedlings they produced. Turkey and the Turkic states (from Thrace to Urumqi).

The farmers, who started to produce strawberries in addition to beans and pumpkin seeds as an alternative to potatoes, are now on their way to branding with the name “Derinkuyu strawberry”.

By multiplying the seedlings that meet the soil in April, December collected during the month. After the collected seedlings are cleaned and sorted, they are kept in cold storage for about 4 months. In March and April, the seedlings that come out of the cold storage are sent to the region where they will be planted. The seedlings are sold for 11 cents (approximately 2 TL).

strawberry seedling producer Moses Nightingale, said that Derinkuyu region is one of the most suitable regions for strawberry and strawberry seedling production due to its geographical structure. Stating that they started strawberry seedling production in 2016, Bülbül said, “Our strawberry seedlings are imported from abroad as rootstock. We make seedlings propagation by planting in Derinkuyu region. The climatic conditions and altitude of Derinkuyu are suitable for seedling production.”

Stating that they produce approximately 10 million strawberry seedlings annually, Bülbül said, “We send the strawberry seedlings we produce to Turkic states. Antalya, Myrtle, Aydin, Canakkale, Bursa We send it to every region of Turkey, especially to Turkey,” he said.

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