‘Do not lose soil moisture with deep plow’ warning as sunflower planting approaches in Thrace

University of Trakya (TU) Plant Breeding Application and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. ScarHe said that too much and deep plowing should be avoided as it can lead to loss of soil moisture during dry periods.

prof. Dr. Kaya told AA correspondent that the effect of global warming was felt more in the winter months this year.

Kaya stated that when the precipitation amounts by years are examined, it is seen that drought has started to pose a threat in the world. TurkeyHe also stated that precipitation in Turkey decreased by 50-60 percent compared to last year.

Stressing that drought can have negative effects on agriculture, Kaya said, “The soil in the fields is still dry. The fields must be in mud. We planted the wheat, there is no problem with it, but for summer agricultural products, the fields must be saturated with moisture and water so that we can have a good summer and a good crop season. ” said.

“Drought resistant varieties should be preferred”

Kaya emphasized that one of the important steps to be taken against the negative effects of drought is the preservation of organic matter in the soil.

Pointing out that the stubble should not be burned after the product is harvested in the sunflower and wheat fields, Prof. Dr. Kaya continued:

“The moisture of the soil should not be lost by making too much and deep plowing. In order to prevent the effects of drought, production should be done with minimum tillage. One of the most important issues is erosion. The creamiest layer of the soil is 3-5 centimeters. They need to be preserved. Drought-resistant. We, breeders, are trying to develop varieties that are more resistant to drought and less affected by environmental factors.Scientists, agricultural engineers will develop more drought-resistant crops, and farmers will develop agronomic (breeding and breeding of properties and quality of field products) for the prevention of water loss in the soil. They will prefer the methods (the branch of that examines and researches the technical issues and determines the rules).

Kaya stated that wheat planting was completed before and sunflowers will be planted in the fields in March, adding, “If there are weeds in the field, plowing can be done in a way that does not exceed two. We recommend not making deep plowing here as well.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that surface waters should be used in agriculture, Kaya said, “We should not use deep wells and groundwater unless possible. They are treasures we can leave for our future.” said.

Noting that snow acts as a quilt on plants, Kaya said, “Snow leaves the soil gradually moisture. Snow is extremely important in terms of plant production. We expect snowfall in the coming days. January was dry, it was no different from December. We expect precipitation in February and March.” he said.

Underlining that the most important factor in the fight against drought is the presence of forests, Kaya said, “Forest existence creates a humid environment and attracts more precipitation. It is extremely important to increase forest assets in order to prevent drought. Our government has made efforts to increase forests. We, as citizens, must protect forests.” made its assessment.

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