Drought concern in farmer: Wheat sprouts remained as tall as grass

Drought concern in farmer: Wheat sprouts remained as tall as grass

-Sowing may not even be possible in some villages.

EDİRNE – In Thrace, which has experienced the hottest and driest period of the last 90 years, the eyes of the farmers are on the rain clouds. In Thrace, where the wheat sprouts remain as tall as the grass, the farmers are worried about the lack of precipitation.

In wheat production TurkeyIn Thrace, which ranks fourth in Turkey and is one of Turkey’s important wheat production areas, drought concerns have started among farmers due to the fact that the precipitation is far below the seasonal normals. While the lack of precipitation prevented the germination of seeds in wheat planted lands, the expectation of high yield decreased. Rivers and dams have also come to the point of drying out. Kirklareli, Tekirdag ve EdirneIn , the farmers’ eyes are on the rain clouds. Saying that their only hope is the expected rainfall in March and April, the farmers stated that if the rains do not occur, the fertilizer they use will not benefit the wheat.

“We had the hottest and driest February in the last 90 years”

TMMOB Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Edirne Provincial Representative Erdoğan Yanılmaz said, “We had the hottest and driest February in the last 90 years. We are currently in a period where nitrogen fertilizer is used in wheat. If sufficient precipitation does not fall, the fertilizer used will not be beneficial to the wheat and will not contribute to the development of wheat.”

Mümin Büyükköşkdere, a farmer from Edirne, said that the farmer was brooding and said, “The farmer is brooding over. The farmer threw manure because it would rain, but it remained so when there was no rain. Our eyes are experiencing a drought in the rain clouds.”

In some villages, even sowing may not be possible.

Ekrem Şaylan, President of Kırklareli Chamber of Agriculture, stated that there may be a big problem in wheat and barley yields as long as the drought continues, “Both of our dams are really troubled. Rocky I do not know what will happen to the dam in the next period, but it seems that corn cultivation will not be possible in 7-8 villages.

President Şaylan said, “We have started to see problems in our wheat and barley products, which are really strategic products. When we look at the meteorology, it rains but rain is delayed every day. This upsets the farmer’s morale. We had a troubled period in wheat in four months and it still continues. If the rains continue like this, agricultural drought “If it goes like this, the process may be troublesome and troublesome next year. There is a drought throughout Turkey. This leads to trouble both for our country and for us, the producers, who farm with solitude,” he said.

Thrace, Konya Şaylan stated that there is a granary and there is an extreme drought in Konya.

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