Drought in Edirne poses risk of ‘low yield’ in wheat

University of Trakya (TU) Plant Breeding Application and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Scar, Turkeyone of the important agricultural production centers of EdirneHe said that drought in Turkey may cause low yield in wheat.

Kaya told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the drought across Turkey is also felt in Edirne.

Explaining that the winter months passed without precipitation and the need for water of the plant increased with the warming of the weather, Kaya emphasized that the precipitation decreased by more than 50 percent compared to the previous year.

Stating that the drought in Edirne has reached dangerous proportions, Kaya said, “We are waiting for precipitation. We have experienced the hottest winter of recent times. Especially in February, the precipitation we expected to come did not come. Drought is felt in wheat, barley and grain products, which are winter crops. Wheat is called burning. yellowing has begun.” said.

Kaya stated that precipitation is needed for the development of wheat and other winter crops and for a productive harvest period.

Pointing out that it is inevitable to experience a decrease in yield in wheat if the drought continues, Kaya said:

“Wheat is in a very bad situation right now. Especially Edirne and Thrace are going through a bad period. There is a risk of a decrease in yield up to an average of 200-250 kilograms per acre. We can stay at the bottom level in wheat yield. The same drought risk is valid for most of Turkey. When we look at it, starting from Edirne CukurovaIt goes up to. This area meets nearly 80 percent of Turkey’s agricultural production. Turkey is one of the world’s major wheat producers and flour exporters. This gets us in trouble.”

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