Referring to the drought in the country, İbrahim Toruk, the President of TRAKTYA Seeds Association (TRAKTOD), stated that there will be a loss of yield in the product, especially in Thrace, and said, “The lack of precipitation in the Thrace region also affected the root growth of wheat and barley. He started to show symptoms caused by the disease,” he said.

İbrahim Toruk, President of Thrace Seeds Association and agricultural engineer, stated that the country has experienced the worst drought in recent years and that there is a permanent drought in the world. of drought TurkeyStating that it has started to show itself in the last 3 years, Toruk said, “Unfortunately, there is a global climate crisis in the world, this crisis has started to show itself. Unexpected weather events are happening in unexpected places. For example. Germanyin october there is no precipitation, South AmericaHarvests are coming right now. Average 400 kilos yields decreased to 100 kilos, ArgentinaWe get data from . In the northern hemisphere, where our country is located in the north, there is a really big drought, and all our people in our country are following it from the media. We are going through a period when the ponds start to dry up and there is no precipitation. Even we are in Tekirdag Although we are in a period when our grains should be 15-20 cm in length, their tillering ends and flag leaves in our province, unfortunately, our barley and wheat have just started to close the fields, even they could not. “There is a huge risk, the problem is huge,” he said.


Stating that measures should be taken against drought, Toruk said, “Our water resources need to be used well. I will say that when the average wheat yield in our country was 270 kilograms in normal periods, the productivity of our Thrace region was 400-450 kilograms. If it goes like this, the winter has been very dry right now, I “I believe that the yield loss in our region will be around 35-40 percent. What does this mean? We estimate an average of 300-350 kilograms in Thrace. If it rains as much as it wants from now on, it will cause a decrease in yield. Also, according to the data we received, our country’s wheat warehouse the one which… Konyaof, Central AnatoliaWe estimate that our country’s yield will be very low due to the very dry nature of Turkey. We definitely want to emphasize that we, the farmers or the people who are engaged in this business, should take precautions, not the scourge.” Toruk, stating that the winter is also dry and there is no snow, said, “The germination that is planted and germinated in October, especially in Eastern Anatolia and Central Anatolia regions We have seen that due to the fact that the products are not under snow, they experience great stress both in terms of humidity, water and direct exposure to cold. When it comes to this direction, the lack of precipitation in the Thrace region has affected the root development of the plants, especially the root development of wheat and barley. Excessive day and night temperatures started to show symptoms caused by some stress conditions in plants. Due to the lack of root growth and moisture, we are not able to fertilize at this time or we are too late. We are in a late situation, we don’t know what the plant’s reaction will be even if it rains after this time.” Evaluating the climate situation in the region, Toruk said, “If there is a rain problem in the spike filling because it will be late, we can say really terrible things in terms of yield. Of course, intensive winter varieties are planted in this region. Varieties need a certain chilling for planting winter varieties. We did not experience this coldness this year. It went particularly dry, but it didn’t get cold either, so the weather didn’t drop below minus 2 degrees, and even if it did, it fell very few times. All bad events in terms of climate are happening in our region this year. Hopefully, after this time, a nice rain will fall, and after the rain, it will be of some benefit to the crops cultivated in all our country. We believe this. We know the importance of the first spring precipitation, at least it will affect the yield at the point where we will not consume zero.”


Stating that the farmers are hesitant to plant sunflowers due to drought, Toruk said, “We need to make a summer planting program all over Turkey. In other words, there are open field vegetable products, especially corn, sunflower and sugar beet, our main products that we irrigate in irrigated areas. Big dams and lakes in most parts of Turkey have big problems in water resources. If we don’t experience heavy spring precipitation, there will be big problems in irrigation. We will have problems with summer crops as well. When we look at sunflower production in our region, of course, with water in sunflower, we do not irrigate here, completely The product we grow under natural conditions in arid conditions. When we meet with our farmers, they are very hesitant about not planting sunflowers, they are afraid. If there is no precipitation, our farmers, who must make field preparations intensively in this period, cannot even move because of the drought. We expect rain both wheat and sunflower that we will plant in the future. in terms of If there is no rain, I think we will have a big problem. Hopefully, it will rain soon, and we will get rid of this pessimistic thought,” he said.


Stating that the drought came much faster than the predictions, Toruk said, “10 years ago, we heard the assumptions that a permanent drought would come and there would be a big food problem in the world, we were seeing it from the researchers. However, it is coming very fast, that is, it started to come much faster than expected. It has to be taken immediately. I can say that despite everything, food prices continue to decrease. Despite the increase in food inputs and agricultural inputs, the food prices produced by the producer continue to decrease. The reason for this is that the stocks in the world have started to melt. “The production is not coming back. I think the food stocks will last for a few months. If the world does not produce, the world talked about the food crisis, the famine crisis, which was talked about a lot last year. It is not a very long period. Knowing these very well, taking our precautions accordingly by doing researches.” The climate of both the world and our country We follow up that they have very big problems in terms of (DHA)

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