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CHP Tekirdag Deputy Dr. İlhami Özcan Aygun, Hatay Deputy İsmet Tokdemir and Sinop Deputy Barış Karadeniz, under the coordination of CHP Headquarters; He visited the Disaster Coordination Centers and district governorships in the Kumlu, Hassa, Kırıkhan, Samandağ and Reyhanlı districts of Hatay, which suffered great damage from the earthquake, and received information about the damage situation in the district and the needs of the earthquake victims. Noting that the government, incapable of establishing container cities, could not even create tent cities, CHP members Aygun, Tokdemir and Karadeniz said, “The problem of shelter and heating continues. There are no tent cities proportional to the number of destroyed, heavily and moderately damaged buildings! Because they corrupted Kızılay’s genes, they made it unable to produce tents. Earthquake survivors are left to their fate!” made their findings. Explaining that they observe major problems in terms of sheltering, heating and living in humanitarian conditions in all districts, Vekiller said, “There are no materials suitable for daily life in tent cities, which are set up in small numbers. The government is incapable of taking the necessary measures after the earthquake as it was before the earthquake.”

CHP Hatay Deputy İsmet Tokdemir, Tekirdağ Deputy İlhami Özcan Aygun and Sinop Deputy Barış Karadeniz stated that there is not enough construction equipment for Disaster Debris Removal and that this problem continues, “Very large construction equipment will be needed in the coming days. However, we see that the government is not prepared for this issue.

CHP MPs; Stating that 1063 buildings were demolished in Hassa district with a population of 57 thousand, 4150 buildings were damaged, but the number of tents set up was 2490, the name of the container city was not even mentioned in the district. Our country is in the cold. The food problem is provided through 14 soup kitchens”.

Indicating that the situation is severe in Kırıkhan, the Vekiller said that tent cities and container cities could not be established in proportion to the number of damaged and destroyed buildings. Vekiller said, “There is a great damage in Kırıkhan. 375 buildings were destroyed, the number of buildings that had to be demolished urgently due to the earthquake was 395. The number of heavily damaged buildings was 4023. 3289 of our citizens lost their lives in the district. 1324 of our citizens were brought out from under the rubble. There are currently 448 tents set up in tent cities set up at five different locations. 3450 tents were distributed. 43 containers arrived in the district. There are no tents and tent cities proportional to the number of destroyed and heavily damaged buildings. No container city! The housing problem is growing. Our citizens suffer greatly in the winter,” they criticized.

Pointing out that the citizens left Kırıkhan due to these harsh conditions and desperation, Vekiller said, “So far, 1253 people have been evacuated from the district. 1520 of our citizens left the district by their own means. The table is very bad,” they said. Explaining that Belgium is planning to establish a Field Hospital in the district, 2 family health centers have been put into service and pharmacies have been established at three points, Vekiller said, “There is still no electricity in 18.75 percent of the center of the district, there is an energy problem. Energy is supplied to 5.26 percent of the villages. How do you warm these? Our citizens are in a really difficult situation,” he said.

CHP’s Aygun, Tokdemir and Karadeniz stated that the GSM communication problem continues in the Samandag district and that the electricity problem continues partially in two neighborhoods, adding, “There are no tents here, too, commensurate with the number of destroyed and damaged buildings. 232 buildings were destroyed in Samandag. 204 buildings urgently need to be demolished. 833 buildings were heavily damaged, 536 buildings were moderately damaged. The number of tents set up is 1242. Only one market is open in Koca district. Citizens meet their needs through mobile kitchens. Pointing out that the District State Hospital and the Private Marine Hospital are active, the Vekiller stated that it is thought-provoking that the tents provided by donations will be distributed even to the families of citizens with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Explaining that the problem of shelter and fuel in the Kumlu district is great, the Vekiller explained that there is no need for a tent city in Reyhanlı, which was in a better situation than the others in the earthquake.

Noting that despite this, 200 AFAD tents are needed in Reyhanlı for individual reasons, Vekiller said, “The tent problem is a problem that the government still cannot manage. They have made the country like this by disrupting the existing structure of the Red Crescent, which is one of the world’s leading institutions in tents.

Explaining that 19 buildings in the center and 97 buildings in the countryside were demolished in Reyhanlı, 3500 buildings were damaged in other buildings, the Vekiller said that 240 AFAD tents and 140 half-crescent tent houses were distributed to those whose houses were unusable.

Vekiller stated that electricity and water were supplied in the center of Reyhanlı on the third day of the earthquake, but that water was still supplied to Kumtepe, Karacanlık and Özkurtuluş villages; They said that there is still no natural gas available to the entire district. CHP deputies stated that drinking water and interrupted water needs are met by the Municipality.

CHP deputies stated that a field hospital with beds will be established in Reyhanlı, and that the current state hospital and the private American hospital are active.

Summarizing the general situation in Hatay’s districts, CHP MPs said, “There are great problems in all our districts in terms of housing, heating and living in humanitarian conditions. There are no container cities, tent cities are insufficient and there are no materials suitable for daily life in them. There is a huge coordination problem. The government is insufficient to take the necessary measures after the earthquake as it was before the earthquake.

Two Deputies summarized the situation in Hatay’s districts and said, “There is a big coordination problem. The government does not take the necessary precautions after the earthquake as it did before the earthquake. Our citizens are left to their fate. They have corrupted the genes of this country’s successful institutions and rendered them inoperable. One of them is Kızılay. Red Crescent, which is pointed out in tent production and rushing to the aid of disaster victims in many countries of the world, cannot meet the needs of our own earthquake victims.

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