Earthquake expert warned for 12 provinces!

Turkey is frequently faced with natural disasters due to its geography. One of them is the earthquake that reminds of itself recently. Finally, an expert in this field prof. Dr. Naci Gorur, He made an earthquake statement concerning 12 provinces.

While Turkey is struggling with the earthquake, warnings continue to come from geology experts who are interested in this field. Geologist giving an interview to Hürriyet prof. Dr. Naci GorurHe stated that 12 provinces close to the fault line are at risk of earthquakes.

Görer said that one of the most dangerous regions in terms of earthquakes is the Marmara Region. at this point Istanbul and TekirdagHe pointed out that residential areas in . He also stated that an earthquake is expected in İzmir, aside from Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and Edremit, around the southern branch of the North Anatolian fault line.

Fault line He also gave a warning for Hakkari passing through. connected to Erzincan and Bingöl. Karliova An earthquake was also predicted on the Yedisu fault between the district of Bursa. On the other hand, due to the Kahramanmaraş earthquake Adana Basin and HatayIt was stated that the stress may have increased in the faults in Iskenderun district of Turkey.

2020 Stating that the aftershocks of the Elazig earthquake that took place in 2007 are still continuing, Naci Görür stated that the aftershocks of the two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş may last for more than a year.

prof. Dr. The relevant explanation of Naci Görür is as follows;

“One of the most dangerous regions for earthquakes in Turkey is the Marmara Region. The northern branch of the North Anatolian fault passes through the northern part of the Marmara Sea. Istanbul and Tekirdağ settlements are therefore risky areas. In addition, Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and Edremit around the southern branch of the North Anatolian fault are the regions where we expect earthquakes. İzmir is also risky. If we had talked before, I would have said ‘Kahramanmaraş’. We are experiencing this today. Hakkari is another city… We also predict an earthquake on the Yedisu fault between Erzincan and Karlıova district of Bingöl province. Stress may have also increased in faults in Adana Basin and Hatay’s İskenderun district.”

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