Earthquake-proof school in Keşan was evacuated

KashanEarthquake-proof school was evacuated

Earthquake resistant

EDIRNE – EdirneIt turned out that the Anafartalar Primary School in Keşan, where samples were taken in the Keşan district of Turkey, was not resistant to earthquakes. Evacuation procedures were started at the school, which was decided to be demolished.

Edirne Governorate In order to learn the earthquake resistance of public buildings, especially educational institutions, some time ago, within the framework of the studies initiated by Istanbul Aydin University collaboration had begun. While the results of these studies have been awaited for a while, the first report came yesterday evening. The report revealed that Anafartalar Primary School, the first building of which was built in 1962 and the annex building in 1989, is vulnerable to a possible earthquake and is in danger of collapse.

Evacuation started

Evacuation procedures were started today, following the demolition decision issued yesterday for the building, which is not in a position to continue education due to its risk. Kesan District National Education Directorate It was shared with the parents that 480 students will be discharged within the framework of the decision taken by Raşit Efendi Primary School. After the news spread, the students and their parents came to the school for the last time to get their belongings in the building, which can no longer hold classes today. The students, who took their belongings, set out for their new school, where they will take their classes for a while.

Results of other buildings are awaited

On the other hand, the situation of other buildings in Keşan, from which samples were taken, was a matter of curiosity. According to the information obtained, it is planned to carry out the same actions in other buildings in accordance with the future report according to their earthquake resistance status.

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