Edirne Fire Brigade Strengthens Its Vehicle Fleet

Edirne Municipality Fire Department With the pioneer response vehicle it has added to its fleet, the Directorate will be able to more easily respond to land fires, fires in narrow areas, and simple fires such as vehicle fires. The newly purchased vehicle is capable of throwing 300 kg of water and 30 kg of foam.

Edirne Municipality continues to expand and strengthen its vehicle fleet and personnel in line with the needs of the city. Edirne Fire Brigade, which increased the number of personnel, added modern equipment to its structure, and intervened in the events with the accident destruction and rescue vehicle it acquired within the scope of the EU project, added 1 pioneer response vehicle to its fleet in order to intervene in small and narrow areas in a shorter time and effectively.

Mayor of Edirne Recep Gurkanexamined the newly purchased vehicle at the Edirne Municipality Fire Department and received detailed information from the firefighters.

Stating that they continue to add strength to the power of the Edirne Fire Department, Mayor Recep Gürkan said, “In 2014, when we took office, we first brought the Edirne Municipality Fire Brigade Directorate, which has been serving for many years in makeshift buildings in the old terminal area, under difficult and impossible conditions, to a modern building. While the firefighters got better working conditions in the new building, we continued our efforts to make the Edirne Fire Department more equipped.We increased the number of our personnel and brought in modern equipment.The accident crash and rescue vehicle, which is the only one in Thrace and brought to our vehicle fleet within the scope of the EU project. “We have strengthened our Fire Brigade with fully-equipped vehicles. Now we have gained a new vehicle that will facilitate intervention in narrow spaces. In every investment, human life and human health come first,” he said.

The new 4×4 double cabin pickup fire truck, which was brought to Edirne Municipality, has a 1.9 engine and 150 horsepower. The vehicle, which has a 20-meter-long front towing rescue crane with a towing capacity of 3 tons, has a high-pressure diesel superstructure, a 16 horsepower water engine, an engine that can provide 50 bar pressure, and a special pressure system, has a 300 kg water capacity and a 30 kg foam capacity. It can do the job easily. The vehicle has a 40-meter-long high-pressure hose and a special pressure system that sprays both foam and water.

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