Elon Musk admired this new phone model!

, not long ago Galaxy S23 introduced the series. We shared information and first reviews about phones with you warmly. Compared to its predecessor, the new series, which does not have major improvements other than the processor, includes some differences with its camera features, and this Elon MuskIt also seems to have affected .

Got millions of views

A user named Marques Brownlee, Galaxy S23 Ultra to the moon 100x for After publishing a short promotional video he made, he managed to attract the attention of Elon Musk. In his tweet, Brownlee wrote, “I don’t know who needs to take a 100x photo of the moon, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra is definitely the phone for you,” while Elon Musk also wrote under this tweet. “Wow” made a comment. This answer from Elon Musk so far 8.4 million impressionsBrownlee’s Space Zoom video has also received over 31 million views so far.

Elon MuskWe’re not sure if knows about ’s latest flagship phone or its cameras, but this show has had a positive response from it. No doubt also aware of the issue. Mobile US of Elon’s tweetAnswering her t, she expressed her pride in her success with these words: “I know, right?!”

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