Elon Musk’s new crazy project! He’s building his own city! So how?

Listed as one of the richest people in the world Elon MuskRecently, it has been on the agenda quite often with its ridiculous actions according to some people. owned by ‘s entering the building with a toilet and then dismissing the majority of the employees there; ve Space X such as impulsive decisions in management. After all these actions, new news is on the agenda.

Rather than his own city, Musk is actually pursuing a full-scale mass housing project. It is a complex with its own hospital, its own school, its own shopping centre. We can say that it is a very familiar idea for those living in Istanbul. Musk plans to have its own employees live in these residences.

It will be close to work!

The main idea in the project; A complex close to work, with all amenities. Musk this formation Space X ve Boring Factory plans to install it in an area next to its facilities. Some conditions have to be met regarding the city that is claimed to be established in the state of Texas. There is no information about whether Musk has done a study on this issue.

Texas According to the government, government approval is required for a region to be declared a city. To get this approval, first at least 201 people must live in that area. Thus, within the specified region, a people who adopts it is formed. Then, the people of the region apply to the Texas courts and the necessary investigations begin for the region to gain city status. The next is the approval process.

Elon MuskAccording to the news in the city, which is claimed to be established by , it is stated that its own employees will live. Musk will demand a rental fee below market conditions from its employees. Then, they will also provide a certain amount of relocation assistance to move them from their homes to Musk’s homes.

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