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While we are embellishing the local cuisine on the pages of the Thrace Travel Guide, we ignore the increasingly cosmopolitan settlements of Thrace. As such, the number of people who prefer places that make a difference according to their local tastes is increasing day by day.

Providing service in Çorlu, Emine Teyze Kitchen is just such a place. It is a business that offers its customers special tastes from different geographies and has succeeded in bringing the local and the modern together in the same kitchen. Emine Teyze, the owner of the business, which has a history of several years in Çorlu, has operated a “salad bar” in Silivri’s largest shopping mall for sixteen years. High space rents convinced him to open a business in a settlement outside of Silivri. His close circle also contributed greatly to this important decision. The decoration of the spacious and stylish place was made by one of the family members. While she is entrusting the operation of the place to familiar names she trusts, she comes to Çorlu from Silivri every day despite her advancing age and enters the kitchen she loves so much.

Aunt Emine Kitchen

The tastes of Turkish and world cuisine meet at the same table in the venue. In the home kitchen, the products are accompanied by the warmth of an artisan restaurant, as if they were made by the mother. Seasonality comes to the fore in the preparation of the product and the determination of the menu. Local flavors reveal themselves in this seasonality. For example, you can find anchovy pilaf from the Black Sea cuisine at a winter table, liver wrap from Edirne at a spring table, and cold buttermilk soup from Erzurum at a summer table. The list goes on and on. How many places can you find the famous shah pilaf of Azerbaijan? Kayseri’s flavor identical to the name of the city, Kayseri lubrication awaits not only its compatriots, but also palates open to new experiences. Rumeli’s Elbasan pan as well. You should also try the meat doner kebab, which you always try from the southeast cuisine, in Erzurum style and with its elegant and appetizing presentation.

Emine Teyze Kitchen / Breakfast

On the other hand, the weekend breakfasts of the place are the best you can find in Çorlu. Open buffet starters prepared by Emine Teyze are the bonus of breakfast. Emine Teyze Kitchen, which also takes reservations for special days and meetings, offers its guests memorable times.

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