Employees revolted against Elon Musk! Alright what now?

Electric Things have not been going well lately at , which is the first brand that comes to mind when it is said. Although the company carries out very successful works in terms of both production number and sales revenue, this situation is not reflected in the stock market value.

After a period of 407 dollars, the company’s shares are now trading around 124 dollars, which shows that there is a loss of value close to 70%. Moreover, the latest situation may exacerbate this problem.

Employees revolted against Elon Musk! Alright what now?

According to allegations reported by Bloomberg , 2021 Since then, it has started to warn its employees. The subject of this warning is that both salaries and working conditions are not complained to top managers. Moreover, the company strictly forbade employees’ salaries to be shared with foreigners. This may not seem so strange to us, but in Florida, where the company’s base is located, it is a very serious crime.

Florida to the laws Accordingly, companies cannot impose such prohibitions and pressure on their employees. on the other hand These acts, which are alleged to have been committed by, constitute exactly the crime in question. This shows that will have a very bad headache in the near future. According to American authorities, this your situation likely to be taken to court and as soon as the court is involved ’s His punishment will be almost inevitable.

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