Engineering Faculty Students Experienced Graduation Enthusiasm

The Faculty of Engineering held a ceremony for the students who were entitled to graduate in the 2021-2022 academic year.
Trakya University Engineering Faculty graduation ceremony was held. At the ceremony held in two sessions at the Balkan Congress Center, students and their families had emotional moments. The students who successfully completed their education and were entitled to graduate received their diplomas at the ceremony. The students, who received their diplomas from the hands of their teachers, threw their caps into the air at the end of the ceremony and experienced the joy of graduation.
After the moment of silence and the national anthem, the ceremony started with watching the university’s introductory film, giving a speech on behalf of the graduates of the Faculty of Engineering, Alican Üngör, expressing that experiencing the excitement of graduation is a completely different feeling and said, “We all came here with different dreams. Today, we are taking the biggest step of our dreams. We are happy to make our families and loved ones proud today, which we have achieved by making great efforts and making great efforts.” He thanked the families and academics who had a great effort in their upbringing.
Stating that they are proud with the graduating students, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Metin Aydoğdu said, “We are in the joy of re-organizing the graduation ceremonies that we had to take a break in the last two years due to the pandemic. With the rapid change and development experienced today, our faculties and departments are also undergoing a great transformation. In the past, universities only transfer knowledge, but today they also produce knowledge. However, this has been found to be insufficient. What is expected from universities today is to transform this knowledge and research into products. Being aware of this, the departments of our faculty have adapted to this period. It is pleasing to see that the results of this transformation continue to increase over time. Our faculty continues to develop over time with patents, national and international scientific projects and scientific publications and industry consultancy. We are very happy to see that the success of our students has increased in this process. The 8th place of the Simurg Rocket Team in the TEKFOFEST competitions, the accepted TÜBİTAK projects of our students, the publication of scientific articles with their advisors, their work in various Technopark companies are just a few examples of the point we have reached. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our students and our academicians who contributed to their education. I wish success to all students in their future lives.” he said.
Congratulating the graduating students and addressing their families, Trakya University Vice Rector Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Zafer said, “Your children, whom you look at with compassionate eyes and protect and watch over, have become adults. Today is your holiday, happy birthday. Dear students, I see the joy in your eyes and I share your happiness with my most heartfelt feelings. Do not forget that you can consult us on any subject, and our door is open to you until the end. From now on, we will continue to follow your successes with pride and support you.” said.
Participating in the ceremony via video message, Trakya University Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu, emphasizing that being a student at Edirne and Trakya Universities is a completely different feeling, said that he believes that the ties of the students with Trakya University will continue after they graduate. Addressing the families of the students who are with them financially and morally, Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu said, “This ceremony is actually your right. These children may pass through your eyes like a film strip. They were born just yesterday, they grew up with a lot of effort. Now they are graduating.” and congratulated their families. prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu also thanked the academicians who contributed to the education of the students.
After the opening speeches, plaques and graduation certificates were presented to the winners at the ceremony. The ceremony ended with the presentation of plaques and graduation certificates to the graduates, reading the oath and a cap throwing ceremony.
Faculty of Engineering graduation ceremony was attended by Trakya University Vice Rector Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Zafer, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Metin Aydoğdu, Director of Plant Breeding Application and Research Center Prof. Dr. Yalçın Kaya, Director of Technology Transfer Application and Research Center Prof. Dr. Muharrem Tolga Sakallı, academicians, students and their families.
On the other hand, Husni Ismaili, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia, was among the names that attended the ceremony. Hüsni İsmaili presented his certificate to his son Kadir İsmaili, who was excited for graduation, by Vice Rector Prof. Presented with Ahmet Hamdi Zafer.
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