European Western Thrace Turkish Federation reacted to Miçotakis’ visit to Western Thrace

Greece Prime Minister Kiryakos Miçotakisin, 13-14 Ocak’ta West ThraceReactions to his visit to .

The statement released by the European Western Thrace Turkish Federation (ABTTF) reacted to Miçotakis’ two-day visit to Western Thrace.

In the statement, it was stated that the existence of the Turkish community was denied and the rights violations experienced by the minority were ignored during Mitsotakis’ visit.

ABTTF President Halit Habipoğlu, whose statements were included in the statement, reminded that the policy of equality before the law was implemented in Western Thrace after the Western Thrace Turkish minority took to the streets in search of rights on January 29, 1988.

Habipoğlu said, “Real equality will be achieved by the state returning our educational and religious autonomy, as one of the two peoples living in the region. It has been achieved as a result of the patience of our society.” used the phrase.

Noting that the Turkish society ignored Miçotakis’ visit to Western Thrace, Habipoğlu said that the Prime Minister Komotini ve AlexandroupoliIn his speeches in Turkey, he stated that he did not make a concrete statement for the development of Western Thrace and the employment of the people living in the region.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis’s visit to Western Thrace provoked the reaction of the Friendship, Equality and Peace (FEP) Party in Western Thrace, as well as the opposition parties.

In the statement released by the FEP Party, it was stated that Mitsotakis did not use any tangible statements regarding the current problems of the Western Thrace Turkish minority in his address to the public in Komotini.

Emphasizing that the Turkish Muslim minority of Western Thrace does not have a problem with living in harmony under the Greek and European flag, the following was noted:

“The minority has problems with not getting the reward for this great patience they have shown, ignoring all these problems and not being addressed. We, like the Prime Minister, invite Europeans to our region to see the persecution inflicted on us closely.”

Son Dika Current European Western Thrace Turkish Federation reacted to Miçotakis’ visit to Western Thrace – Last Minute

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