Export to 170 countries from Kırklareli OIZ

Kirklareli governor Birol Ekiciin the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) said that the companies operating in Turkey export to 170 countries.

Governor Ekici, January 10 Employee Journalists’ Day therefore, in the program held at the Special Provincial Administration Attraction Center, he said that they added an additional 5 thousand 290 decares of land to Kırklareli OIZ.

Expressing that the OSB will reach an area of ​​12 thousand decares with the new phase, Ekici emphasized that they are working to become the largest industrial zone of Thrace.

Explaining that the 5,290 decares new stage in the OIZ is ready for sale, Ekici said, “Our price per square meter is 2 thousand liras. It is cheaper than many OIZs. We have a great production in our OIZ. We are currently exporting to 170 countries from our OIZ. We are working hard to become the largest and most environmentally friendly OIZ in Thrace in a short time.” used the phrases.

Explaining that they accept companies that do not harm nature, the environment and human health, Ekici invited all investors with an EIA report to the region.

“None of our waters are outside of human values”

Upon a question from a journalist, Ekici said, “None of our waters are outside of human values.”

Ekici stated that the mains waters are regularly analyzed in 179 villages and said, “We can share the results of the samples taken. We have never encountered any negative situation in our waters. We do not allow any negativity that may affect human health.” he said.

Governor Ekici listened to the requests of journalists after his speech.

Son Dika Current Export to 170 countries from Kırklareli OSB – Last Minute

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