EYT density in SGK provincial directorates in Thrace

With those who are old enough to retire (EYT) after the relevant regulation is published in the Official Gazette Edirne, Tekirdag ve KirklareliThere was a density in the SGK provincial directorates in .

Citizens who came to Edirne SGK Provincial Directorate, made their transactions while being taken in, and delivered their documents.

Nusret Sevük, who applied to benefit from the regulation, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he was happy that the law came into force.

Stating that he started the retirement process, Sevük said, “We have been waiting for a long time. I started my business life in 1997. My days and premiums are full. Thank God I retired.” said.

Tanju Civaner, on the other hand, stated that he started working in 1995 and that he was happy to retire with the arrangement.


In Kırklareli, there was a density in front of the SGK Provincial Directorate. Citizens who came to the Provincial Directorate were taken in and their transactions were made.

Tamer Kösten, one of the applicants, expressed that he was very excited, that he had dreamed of today for many years and that he was happy to retire.

Explaining that he is waiting for this day with hope, Turgut Dengiz said, “There is no recipe for this happiness.” used the phrase.


With the start of working hours in Tekirdağ, a queue formed in front of the SGK Provincial Directorate.

Müfit Dik, who applied for retirement, emphasized that he was very excited.

Stating that he ran to the directorate in the morning and waited for this moment for 7 years, Dik said, “My heart is beating fast with excitement. I’m waiting to get in the door as soon as possible and get my paper. Everyone here deserved it. Everyone deserved it like me. If I knew that this would happen, I would have kept vigil at night.” he said.

On the other hand, due to the fact that SSI provincial directorates increase the number of personnel for retirement procedures and make physical preparations in the buildings, there is a fluid density.

Son Dika Current EYT density at SGK provincial directorates in Thrace – Last Minute

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