Faik Öztrak: The CHP started to eliminate injustice even before it came to the government. The government has become unable to take a step without getting a soufflé from our President.

CHP Spokesperson Faik Oztrak, at the press conference held at CHP Headquarters, said, “The CHP started to breathe life into the state, to eliminate injustice and unlawfulness even before it came to the government. This government, suffering from burnout syndrome, metal-weary, brain-dead, took a step now without taking a soufflé from our President. He has become unstoppable,” he said. Öztrak, Syria with the government TurkeyRegarding the contacts of . Sweetcornto talk to Trainto be able to talk to Syria RussiaWe have become petitioners. “We have suffered a great loss of reputation as a country,” he said.

CHP Spokesperson Faik Öztrak held a press conference today at CHP Headquarters. Öztrak said the following regarding the issues on the agenda:

ATTENTION THAT THE YEAR 2022 HAS BEEN BAD: 2022 has been a really bad year. This year; We’ve encountered the worst of the freaky one-man management system. The crisis of governance in the state deepened. Injustice and lawlessness peaked at the hands of the judges under the tutelage of the palace. The economic crisis devastated 85 million people. The middle pole is gone. Poverty spread to the bottom. The fire in the kitchens scorched the houses. Republic We experienced one of the worst depressions in our history this year. The 2022 crisis will be remembered as one of the deepest crises in history. Those who made this nation experience the 2022 crisis will not be forgotten in the common conscience. However, when 2022 begins; king of the empire of lies, head of the freak government system AK Party The Chairman was saying, ‘The exchange rate will also fall, the interest will also decrease’. In 2022, neither the exchange rate nor the interest burden on the nation fell. On the contrary, both folded.

LENIN WHO SPEAKED, IMPLEMENTED ERDOĞAN: ‘The easiest way to destroy a country without firing a single bullet is to crush its money’. Lenin said this statement, and Erdogan was the implementer. Erdogan; He said, ‘Interest is the reason, inflation is the result’. He tried to rule the whole country with a fallacy. It crushed our national currency. Erdogan destroyed the purchasing power of 85 million, the future, dreams and hopes of our country, without firing a single bullet at the enemy. Here is the most recent example. Our northern neighbors are at war. Russia, Ukraineoccupied the. The whole world put embargo upon embargo on Russia. At the end of the year, inflation in Russia, which was crushed by embargoes, was 12 percent. Inflation in occupied Ukraine was 26.5 percent. Inflation in our country is 84.5 percent with the palace make-up figures of TÜİK. Erdogan has done damage to our country that war could not do. Turkish lira in 2022 Georgia44 percent against Lari of Afghanistan42 percent against ‘s Afghani, Papua New Guinea32 percent against ‘s Kina, MozambiqueIt fell 32 percent against the Metikal and 30 percent against the Bulgarian Lev. Due to the melting purchasing power of our national currency, almost all of our border provinces are being plundered today. The Prime Minister of Georgia said, ‘Thanks to cheap drugs coming from Turkey, drug prices in Georgia have decreased by 60 percent, 80 percent.’ But our people cannot find medicine in our pharmacies. My compatriots in Thrace cannot get close to cheese. But BulgariaOur neighbors from , hoard the cheese molds and take them to their country.

HOT AND GUARD OF THE PALACE…: Tomorrow will be New Year’s Eve. While the honorable people of my country whose money was robbed, our dear nation is thinking about what to put on the table at home and what to feed their children, hotels and entertainment venues will be filled with people from neighboring countries.

The arrogant and guard of the palace, who celebrated birthdays in their palaces and cut cakes for each other in the shade of 99 roses, made our nation unable to celebrate the new year at home.

ATADAN DEDEDEN SOLD THE GOODS: He used resources that would not be available to any government in the history of the Republic. 125 billion dollars borrowed from the inside and outside. He sold the property of the nation inherited from his ancestors for 63 billion dollars. In 20 years, a total of 2 trillion 718 billion dollars has been spent, which is about 4 times the money used by all the Republican governments that came to power before it in 79 years.

FOUR FINGERS PLUGGED INTO THE POCKET: In 2012, our President warned Erdoğan by writing an open letter. He drew attention to the negative effects of the events in Syria on our country, from the economy to the social balance. He described the risk that the civil war could expand into a division or even an international conflict. He put forward our solution proposals for Syria. The palace turned a deaf ear to all these suggestions. He insulted him. “We will pray in the Umayyad Mosque,” he said. 5 million Syrians entered our country. Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Moroccans and Algerians have become ghettos in our cities. and the four fingers waving saying Rabia in the squares in those days are pocketed for the green of the dollar today. While yesterday we were a country where all countries sought friendship while we could meet with all countries without intermediaries, today we have become a request to Qatar to talk to Egypt and to Russia to talk to Syria. We have suffered a great loss of reputation as a country.

in son The Istanbul Metropolitan MunicipalityWhat happened in The Istanbul Metropolitan MunicipalityIn order to collapse into the ‘, they engage in conspiracies one after the other that no mind can conceive. They wanted to usurp the will of Istanbulites with the help of YSK. The people of Istanbul responded to this usurpation of the national will most severely at the ballot box. But they are still not wise. Looking into the eyes of our nation, they are plotting plots on plots by using prosecutors and judges under the tutelage of the palace. First, itinerant judges sentenced the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on the charge of insulting him.

HE WANTS TO seize ISTANBUL’S INCOME: The Fouche of the Palace, the leading actor of the photonovels of intrigue Minister of Interior‘s mouth watered. He said, ‘I will dismiss him immediately. But he looked, it’s not that cheap to dismiss the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, to take Istanbul from the CHP, to collapse against the will of Istanbulites, to usurp the national will, fake Fouche took on a new executioner of law. He unleashed the AK Party inspector on the IMM. We do not take the ridiculous claims of this scheming minister seriously. But this is the plot; Our President of IMM Ekrem ImamogluWe also see that it belongs to the arrogant of the palace who wants to dismiss the city and take Istanbul from the hands of the CHP. It is clear that the arrogant of the palace wants to seize Istanbul with a legal conspiracy as a last resort and to use Istanbul’s financial and political profits in the elections.

WHEN YOU PLAY WITH THE SET, THE SCALE WILL WEATHER YOU ONE DAY: The tongs that he uses in this are facing the assignment. Our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor gave the answer that should be given within the framework of the law to this fake Fouche, who tried to muddy the water and fish. He exposed the injustices and injustices he committed. With this last plot, the palace’s powers were used for partisan purposes. How It became clear how he wanted to collapse in Istanbul, for which he used the bureaucracy he used in his unlawful efforts. We will continue to give our legal and political answers to this plot with determination. Let’s remind these scammers of this. Istanbul, the will of the people of Istanbul, the will of the nation is a big bite. It sits in your stomach. Don’t try to kill the law by relying on those seats you sit in today. The scale that you try to play with will weigh you too.

AT THE END OF THE PALACE THROWED TOWELS: There are many lessons to be learned here for eyes that see the truth. It was not enough for Erdogan to drink the water he had polluted outside the house. Drinking from the contaminated water was also started inside the house. Erdogan did not leave any insults to those who were old at retirement before. EYTHe told the ‘people that he would not give them their rights even if he knew he would lose the election’. He made unfounded words such as ‘Scandinavian countries have sunk from this’. But the organized struggle of the EYT members continued undeterred. Our General President Kemal Kilicdaroglu He followed the subject persistently. He gave all kinds of support to the struggle for rights. He kept it on the agenda of the country. The palace, which could not find a solution to the situation of the nation, which realized that it would lose the election, finally threw the towel. Both the organized power of the EYT members and the insistence of our President gave him the right to retire. The arrogant courtiers, who called the EYT members ‘Duedi’, licked their spit and swallowed it. Now this is a fact. Even before the CHP came to the government, it began to breathe life into the state and to eliminate injustice and unlawfulness. This government, suffering from burnout, metal-weary, brain-dead; It has become impossible to take a step without buying a soufflé from our President.

“FOUNDATION OF THE VISION HAS BEEN LAUNCHED IN THE LAST OVERSEAS TRAVEL”: In the first 10 months of this year, the net direct investment of foreigners in our country is 6 billion 300 million dollars. But in the same period, the inflow of money of uncertain origin to our country is 21 billion dollars. We are extremely determined. We know very well the advantages we have and the potential of our country. We trust our people. We live in a country that has access to 58 countries with a population of 1.5 billion and a market of $22 trillion within 4.5 hours’ flight distance. We, as CHP; We will ensure macro-economic stability in a short time. We will ensure predictability and confidence in the economy. With our young and dynamic workforce, our business people competing in the global arena, and our unique geographical location, we will bring our country to the richness it deserves. With the strong democratic institutions and rules we will create in these days when global supply chains are re-arranged, African-American EurasiaWe will be the most important supply and supply center of . Our General President; He laid the foundations of a supra-political union that will realize this great vision in his last trips abroad.”


After his statements, Öztrak answered the questions of the journalists.

Turkey Labor Partyof Nation Allianceand CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s Workers’ Party of Turkey in Istanbul. Deputy Ahmet Sik Upon being asked about the allegations that he had met with Ahmet Şık, Öztrak said, “It is true that our President met with Ahmet Şık. But as you said, what is said about the content consists of allegations. We do not talk about allegations.”

Öztrak answered the question about whether the CHP has a study on the raise rates of retirees and civil servants as follows:

“Last year and this year; our civil servants and retirees were under an inflation tsunami. With the increases made according to the make-up figures of TUIK, our nation, retirees and civil servants were crushed under the cost of living. While the ITO’s wage earners index increased by over 100 percent, the make-up inflation of the palace increased by over 100 percent. A little over 80. Those who did this got into the right of life. The government continues to steal from the pockets of civil servants and retirees with the help of TUIK. The situation is obvious. The hunger limit has exceeded 8 thousand liras. The minimum wage has been 8 thousand 500 liras. It will compensate for these losses of our retirees and civil servants, without growing. It is absolutely necessary to make a monthly and salary increase that will give them a share.”


Öztrak, on the question; “All the leaders sitting around the same table have repeatedly stated that their common goal is to get one candidate out of this table. They repeated this to the public. Again, Mr. Davutoğlu also said in his latest statement that both our A plan and our plan B are single candidates. He has repeatedly stated that he will be a candidate for the six-party table. Let’s repeat it once again here. The 13th President will be the candidate of the six-table.”

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