Farmer waiting for rain for sunflower

One of the important sunflower production centers of Turkey Producers in Turkey expect precipitation during the development period of their products for high yields.
Sunflowers, known as “yellow bride” in , painted the fields yellow in Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ.
Sunflowers reached a good level with the spring rains and the progress of the seasonal conditions in the growing period at the desired level. Producers turned their attention to rain in order for the sunflower, which has entered the development period, to reach high yields.
Edirne Chamber of Agriculture President Hüseyin Arabacı told Anadolu Agency (AA) that farmers expect rain for a beautiful sunflower season.
Pointing out that sunflowers need water during their development process, Arabacı said, “The past rains relieved the formation of the head structure of the sunflower, it was a good rainfall.
Arabacı stated that good yields will be obtained if the rains and seasonal conditions are suitable.
Wishing a fruitful and beneficial season, Arabacı said, “The situation is not bad at the moment, it is going well. Of course, I hope we will get a nice rain soon. We think that if we get this rain, we will have a plentiful and fruitful season.” he said.
– “Our farmers will be rewarded for their labor”
Tekirdağ Agriculture and Forestry Director Oktay Öcal stated that Tekirdağ has an important place in sunflower production.
Stating that there may be a high yield in sunflower according to the precipitation situation this year, Öcal said, “Sunflower was planted on an area of ​​​​1 million 500 thousand decares in Tekirdağ this year. This year, the precipitation was as the farmer wanted. Sunflowers started to bloom. “We expect good yields. I hope that our farmers will be rewarded for their efforts. So far, there has been no negative impact on disease or damage from our producers.” said.
Metin Arabacı, who cultivates sunflowers on an area of ​​600 decares in Tekirdağ, stated that the rains that will fall in these periods will increase the yield of sunflowers even more, and said:
“Sunflowers were planted at the right time this year. The amount of precipitation at the time of the first planting was sufficient. We are currently having a dry season in our region. Sunflowers are also in flower period. If there is precipitation during these periods, we can reach record yields. We expect a yield of 200-250 kilograms per decare in our city. If there is precipitation, 300 per decares. “We can achieve yields of 350 kilograms. There are places where it rains in the villages, but especially on the seaside, it didn’t get much rain.”
– “We aim for 275 thousand tons of sunflower”
Kırklareli Agriculture and Forestry Director Mehmet Aksoy also stated that sunflower development in Kırklareli is very good.
Expressing that the cultivated areas received good precipitation this year, Aksoy said:
“The lands of are very fertile. The grain grown on these lands is productive and of high quality. Last year, we achieved a yield of 240 thousand tons. This year we aim for 275 thousand tons of sunflower. We get yields of up to 450 kilograms per decare on irrigable agricultural lands. There has also been an increase in our irrigable lands in the region. This will also be reflected in the yield. If we can get enough precipitation once or twice, we can exceed the target number.”


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