Flight crisis in the USA! All flights cancelled!

If you remember, the FAA stopped all domestic flights in the US on the morning of January 11, because the NOTAM or Notice to Air Missions system had failed. NOTAM’home It contains important information for pilots along a flight path, including warnings of potential hazards, flight restrictions and runway closures.

While the FAA only pauses flights on the 11th, USA flights It was already postponed after the blackout at around 3 pm the previous day. The problem even affected military flights based on FAA NOTAMs: Pilots reportedly had to phone around to ask about potential flight hazards.

Flight crisis in the USA! All flights cancelled!

The agency later said that “those who do not follow procedures personnel” in reported that the system failed after damaging certain files. More details have now been shared as part of the preliminary findings of an ongoing investigation. Apparently, a backup was made when contractors “unintentionally deleted” files that turned out to be necessary to keep the alert system operational. database They were syncing. In addition, the Agency said that “so far there has been no evidence of a cyberattack or malicious intent” on the matter.

The Washington Post’un As he pointed out, it’s not clear at this point how deleting some files causes the entire system to crash. The FAA has already fixed the issue in the past and has taken steps to make the system more resilient, but it’s definitely the case. of the FAA re-discussed the reliability of outdated technologies. The Department of Transportation previously described the NOTAM system as “failed obsolete hardware” in a budget document requesting $30 million to fund updates.

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