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A first was achieved at the 8th Edirne Marching and Liver Festival, which was held this year. A Guinness record attempt was made at the festival, which witnessed colorful moments. In a giant liver pan with a weight of 2 tons, a diameter of 7 meters 4 centimeters and a depth of 80 centimeters, made by the masters of Kırklareli, 3 tons of fried liver were cooked by the masters from Edirne.

Edirne Mayor Gürkan mentioned that Guinness Book of Records held talks with the Turkish authorities and said:

We learned that there is a category of “world’s largest pan”, but there is no registration here. We started our work. Because Edirne fried liver, as the name suggests, is liver cooked in a pan. Guinness has some rules about this, we prepared the pan in accordance with the rules. We had a liver pan made of stainless steel with a diameter of 7 meters. Tomorrow is the liver festival section. Our pan became the largest pan in the world. We started the assembly today. There will also be a 5-meter stove under the ceiling, to heat the oil. All this is being prepared, the authorities will be here tomorrow and they will take their measurements; They will check to see if it fits the criteria or not. Then we will light the fire of our pan and put it on our stove. Then we will use 1,800 liters of oil, which I think will be the largest oil use in the world. Again, 600 kilos of liver will be cooked by our masters in this pan at the same time. With the approval of the Guinness authorities, our pan will be registered and this will belong to Edirne.”

A giant pan was ordered to a company from Kırklareli for the record attempt by Edirne Municipality, which is expected to make a great contribution to the promotion of the city. A team of 7 people worked day and night for a week for the giant pan with a diameter of 7 meters, a depth of 80 centimeters and a weight of 2 tons. The giant pan, which is 16 times the size of the original liver pan, was carried in two parts and the final stage of the assembly was carried out in Edirne.

Within the scope of the 8th International Edirne Band and Liver Festival, the festival cortege, which passed over the Meriç Bridge, reached the area where the record attempt will be held in the Karaağaç district, opposite the Lalezar Facilities.

First, a giant fire was lit on which the ceiling would be placed. For this, municipal teams used 13 tons of wood and 3 tons of coal. In the meantime, the physical measurements of the ceiling were recorded by Guinness Turkey officials. Then, the giant pan was placed on the fire prepared with the help of a crane.

Come to Edirne, Eat My Liver!

At the festival, where the people of Edirne and those who came to visit the city showed great interest, about 2 tons of oil was poured into the giant pan, where the record attempt will be made. Meticulous measurements were made to ensure that the oil temperature reached the desired temperature. When the oil reached the desired temperature, 3 tons of pan liver was cooked by the skillful hands of 20 liver masters from Edirne.

It was announced that some of the livers in the pan prepared in the record attempt, all stages of which were monitored by the authorities of Guinness Turkey, will be distributed to the visitors in the festival area, while the rest will be distributed to those in need.

Guinness Turkey team, who will be in Edirne for 10 days to report and confirm the records kept as a result of the record attempt, which came to life with the joint initiative of the two neighboring cities, wished that the record would be beneficial for the people of Edirne.

Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan, who is the patron of the festival, expressed his satisfaction with the record attempt and thanked everyone who contributed. Reiterating his belief that Edirne will break a new threshold in gastronomy tourism with his record attempt, Gürkan announced that the giant ceiling will be exhibited in a visible part of the city, enriched with complementary elements such as liver maker and liver ladle.


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