“Forbidden planet” discovered! Why wasn’t it supposed to exist at all?

Scientists about our solar system 285 light years away a Jupiter-like “forbidden planet” they discovered. The newly discovered gas giant nın Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) discovered by astronomers using the instrument and YOU 5205b was named.

to this planet “forbidden planet” It’s called because it has caused many scientists to tinker with it and look for answers. That’s because the gas giant, which is roughly the same size as Jupiter, orbits its star in less than three days.

Planet, does not fit our current models of planet formation. According to our current models, YOU 5205b Such a planet should not form around a low-mass star as it orbits. Instead, it should require much higher-mass stars. However, as it appears to exist, our planetary models must be updated.

new discoveries It’s not the first time that it changes everything we think we know about our universe and how its various parts came to be. James Webb space telescope New discoveries made by scientists continue to challenge what scientists have believed for years. So the discovery of this forbidden planet is not at all incredible.

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