Galaxy S23 Ultra will use the world’s first 200 MP sensor: Look at the camera phone!

became the first company in the world to announce the 200 MP camera sensor for smartphones. The company introduced the ISOCELL HP1 sensor with the Moto X30 Pro in September 2021. More advanced than this lens, the new HP2 promises more mobile photography.

World’s first 200 MP sensor from

According to rumors , upcoming Galaxy S23 UltraIt will be released with a new 200 MP sensor instead of ‘s HP1 sensor. The new camera sensor, which includes significant technological improvements to provide superior low-light performance, strengthens this claim that the Galaxy S23 was introduced just a few weeks before the launch event.

The ISOCELL 200MP HP1 was optically 1/1.3″ in size. The same size as the 108MP camera found in most smartphones today. With 0.6µm pixels, the camera was slightly behind the 0.8µm receptors on the primary camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. By comparison. Sony, ‘s flagship 12S Ultra ve Xiaomi 13 Pro models used a large 1-inch camera sensor.

The Korean company claims that its Tetra pixel improves low-light sensitivity. Using a 16-to-1 pixel binning, the sensor can output 12.5 MP images with an effective 2.4 μm pixel size for better results. If you want extra resolution, you have the opportunity to take photos in 50MP 1.2μm mode.

Focusing problems were quite common with ’s first 108MP sensors. The newly introduced 200 MP sensor by the company will have the Super QPD feature, where it can use all pixels for focusing to prevent such problems.

claimed to use a new Dual Vertical Transfer Gate in the HP1 to improve dynamic range and reduce faded images in bright environments, thereby reducing overexposure and improving color reproduction. The 200MP sensor can switch to 50MP 1.2μm mode to reduce clipping and provide a wider field of view when recording 8K videos. In addition, Dual Slope Gain (DSG) feature will be available to users in 50MP mode for improved HDR performance.

’s new 200 MP sensor is already in mass production and is expected to debut with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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